Integrative Study of the Mean Sea Level and Its Components

  • Anny Cazenave
  • Nicolas Champollion
  • Frank Paul
  • Jérôme Benveniste

Part of the Space Sciences Series of ISSI book series (SSSI, volume 58)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Observations & Contributors to Sea Level

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 7-7
    2. M. Ablain, J. F. Legeais, P. Prandi, M. Marcos, L. Fenoglio-Marc, H. B. Dieng et al.
      Pages 9-33
    3. Paolo Cipollini, Francisco M. Calafat, Svetlana Jevrejeva, Angelique Melet, Pierre Prandi
      Pages 35-59
    4. Rene Forsberg, Louise Sørensen, Sebastian Simonsen
      Pages 91-106
    5. B. Marzeion, N. Champollion, W. Haeberli, K. Langley, P. Leclercq, F. Paul
      Pages 107-132
    6. Yoshihide Wada, John T. Reager, Benjamin F. Chao, Jida Wang, Min-Hui Lo, Chunqiao Song et al.
      Pages 133-154
  3. Sea Level Processes at Regional Scale

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 189-189
    2. B. Meyssignac, C. G. Piecuch, C. J. Merchant, M.-F. Racault, H. Palanisamy, C. MacIntosh et al.
      Pages 191-219
    3. Weiqing Han, Gerald A. Meehl, Detlef Stammer, Aixue Hu, Benjamin Hamlington, Jessica Kenigson et al.
      Pages 221-254
    4. A. Carret, J. A. Johannessen, O. B. Andersen, M. Ablain, P. Prandi, A. Blazquez et al.
      Pages 255-279
    5. M.-F. Racault, S. Sathyendranath, N. Menon, T. Platt
      Pages 281-297
  4. Sea Level Closure Budget at Global and Regional Scale

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 299-299
    2. S. Jevrejeva, A. Matthews, A. Slangen
      Pages 301-313
    3. Don P. Chambers, Anny Cazenave, Nicolas Champollion, Habib Dieng, William Llovel, Rene Forsberg et al.
      Pages 315-333
  5. Detection & Attribution

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 335-335
    2. Marta Marcos, Ben Marzeion, Sönke Dangendorf, Aimée B. A. Slangen, Hindumathi Palanisamy, Luciana Fenoglio-Marc
      Pages 337-356
  6. From Observations to Sea Level Projections

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 357-357
    2. Martin G. Scharffenberg, Armin Köhl, Detlef Stammer
      Pages 359-393
    3. A. B. A. Slangen, F. Adloff, S. Jevrejeva, P. W. Leclercq, B. Marzeion, Y. Wada et al.
      Pages 395-416

About this book


This volume presents the most recent results of global mean sea level variations over the satellite altimetry era (starting in the early 1990s) and associated contributions, such as glaciers and ice sheets mass loss, ocean thermal expansion, and land water storage changes. Sea level  is one of the best indicators of global climate changes as it integrates the response of several components of the climate system to external forcing factors (including anthropogenic forcing) and internal climate variability. Providing long, accurate records of the sea level at global and regional scales and of the various components causing sea level changes is of crucial importance to improve our understanding of climate processes at work and to validate the climate models used for future projections. The Climate Change Initiative project of the European Space Agency has provided a first attempt to produce consistent and continuous space-based records for several climate parameters observable from space, among them sea level. This book presents current knowledge of the sea level budget over the altimetry era and 20th century.

Previously published in Surveys in Geophysics, Volume 38, Issue 1, 2017


Sea Level Observations Oceanography ESA Climate Change Initiative Sea Level Projections Remote Sensing and Sea Level Hydrology Sea Level Processes at Regional Scale Contributors to Sea Level Altimetry era

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  • Jérôme Benveniste
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