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Protections of Tenure and Academic Freedom in the United States

Evolution and Interpretation

  • Presents a historical examination of the origins of tenure as developed in Europe and rise of tenure in higher education within the United States

  • Details landmark federal court cases related to tenure and effects for academia

  • Provides a realistic look at the value and impact of tenure in the higher education environment


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About this book


This volume examines the historical origins of tenure in higher education. The concept of academic freedom and tenure has been a point of discussion between university faculty and administration since the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) established these two concepts in their 1915 Declaration of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure. In this book, the author examines the history of these two issues and how they became an integral part of higher education in the United States. In his detailed analysis, the author provides a review of landmark state and federal court cases and evaluates the subsequent impact of those rulings on academic freedom and tenure.


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About the authors

Matthew J. Hertzog is Director of Instructional and Information Technology at Methodist College, USA.

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“This contemplative approach into the inquisition of the value of tenure and multiyear contracts provides substantive evidence for best practices in the twenty-first century academy.” (Pamela A. Di Vito-Thomas, Professor of Nursing, Methodist College, USA)

“This book is a well-written, well-researched, and compelling read about the history of tenure and academic freedom in the United States. Hertzog guides the reader through the evolution of the tenure system and presents landmark cases that have helped shape the tenure system that exists today. This book is ideal for individuals interested in tenure and academic freedom.”  (Terence Hodges, Adjunct Instructor, College of Lake County, USA)