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Integrated Reservoir Studies for CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery and Sequestration

Application to an Indian Mature Oil Field


  • Nominated as an outstanding Ph.D. thesis by the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), India

  • Presents, for the first time, a feasibility assessment of a mature Indian oil field for CO2-EOR and geologic storage, based on integrated analyses

  • Provides valuable insights into the CO2-EOR and storage process, and includes 63 color photographs

  • Discusses the basics and demonstrates the practical application of reservoir modeling, fluid flow simulation, rock physics, geomechanics, and 4D seismic monitoring in CO2-EOR and storage


Part of the Springer Theses book series (Springer Theses)

About this book


This book addresses the feasibility of CO2-EOR and sequestration in a mature Indian oil field, pursuing for the first time a cross-disciplinary approach that combines the results from reservoir modeling and flow simulation, rock physics modeling, geomechanics, and time-lapse (4D) seismic monitoring study. The key findings presented indicate that the field under study holds great potential for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and subsequent CO2 storage.

Experts around the globe argue that storing CO2 by means of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) could support climate change mitigation by reducing the amount of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by ca. 20%. CO2-EOR and sequestration is a cutting-edge and emerging field of research in India, and there is an urgent need to assess Indian hydrocarbon reservoirs for the feasibility of CO2-EOR and storage.

Combining the fundamentals of the technique with concrete examples, the book is essential reading for all researchers, students and oil & gas professionals who want to fully understand CO2-EOR and its geologic sequestration process in mature oil fields.


CO2-EOR CO2 Sequestration Reservoir Characterization Rock Physics Multiphase Flow Reservoir Simulation Mature Oil Field Indian Basin

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  1. 1.Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR)/CSIR-National Geophysical Research InstituteHyderabad, Telangana StateIndia

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