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The White Confocal

Microscopic Optical Sectioning in all Colors


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About this book


This book offers a comprehensive introduction to confocal microscopy – with a particular focus on spectral confocal microscopy. Beginning with an introduction to optical lenses, it provides a guide to compound microscopes and explains related topics like microscopic resolution. It then presents an outline of fluorescence and its corresponding implications for microscopy. The following excursus on the confocal beam paths includes implementation of acousto-optical devices and modern sensor techniques. Complex relationships are explained in a comprehensible manner, supported by many graphical figures. 

Discussing the principles of magnifying optics and the technical fundamentals and modes of operation of modern laser scanning microscopes, it is a valuable resource for student and lab technicians as well as faculty members.



White Confocal Microscopy Confocal Microscope Fluorescence Laser Microscopy

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  1. 1.Sinsheim-EschelbachGermany

About the authors

Dr. Rolf Theodor Borlinghaus, born 1956, study of biology in Konstanz and promotion to Dr. rer. nat. at the biophysical institute. From 1990 product manager for complex fluorescence microscopy and confocal microscopy with Carl Zeiss Oberkochen (later Jena). Since 1997 with Leica Lasertechnik Heidelberg, now Leica Microsystems Mannheim. Today responsible for technology transfer and training. 


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