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U.S. Foreign Policy Discourse and the Israel Lobby

The Clinton Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process


  • Tackles integral aspects of the US-Israeli-Palestinian dynamic, a popular and much debated topic in Political Science

  • Analyses contentious subject matter of the Pro-Israel Lobby in the United States and The Clinton Administration’s handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

  • Offers a unique interpretation and discussion of US Foreign Policy


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About this book


This book seeks to debunk the popular myth of an all-powerful pro-Israel lobby. Here, Kiely demonstrates how discourses surrounding American Identity and US foreign policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has deep roots in American historicity, have constructed an understanding of the conflict which is inherently more susceptible to the Israeli narrative. Kiely argues that the so-called power of what other researchers, such as Mearsheimer and Walt (2006, 2007), call ‘The Israel Lobby’ are limited by these discourses. It is the author’s contention that groups such as The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) serve to amplify and reproduce existing representations within these discourses which align the United States and Israel in terms of cultural, historical and political values while simultaneously reinforcing dominant representations of the Palestinian ‘Other’.


US Foreign Policy Clinton Administration Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Israel Lobby Political influence United States of America American exceptionalism American domestic politics American identity Regional security Middle East ally Strategic priorities Foreign policy discourse

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Issues Without BordersSofiaBulgaria

About the authors

Keith Peter Kiely is a Researcher for the NGO ‘Issues without Borders’ on the subject of the contemporary European Refugee Crisis.

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