Magnesium Technology 2017

  • Kiran N.  Solanki
  • Dmytro Orlov
  • Alok Singh
  • Neale R. Neelameggham
Conference proceedings

Part of the The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series book series (MMMS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Magnesium Technology 2017: Keynote Session I

  3. Magnesium Technology 2017: Alloy Development

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 11-11
    2. T. Nakata, C. Xu, T. T. Sasaki, Y. Matsumoto, K. Shimizu, K. Hono et al.
      Pages 17-21
    3. Klaudia Horváth, Daria Drozdenko, Gerardo Garcés, Kristián Máthis, Patrik Dobroň
      Pages 29-34
    4. Chaoqiang Liu, Houwen Chen, Jian-Feng Nie
      Pages 53-59
    5. Xiangyu Teng, Dehong Huo, Wai Leong Eugene Wong, S. Sankaranarayanan, Manoj Gupta
      Pages 61-69
  4. Magnesium Technology 2017: Solidification and Processing I

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 71-71
    2. Tracy D. Berman, Mei Li, John E. Allison
      Pages 73-78
    3. G. Zeng, J. W. Xian, C. M. Gourlay
      Pages 85-92
    4. Yun Wang, Guosheng Peng, Zhongyun Fan
      Pages 99-106
    5. Jan Bohlen, Ander Telleria Iparragirre, Gurutze Arruebarrena, Dietmar Letzig
      Pages 113-121
    6. Mark Easton, Suming Zhu, Mark Gibson, Trevor Abbott, Hua Qian Ang, Xiaobo Chen et al.
      Pages 123-129
    7. Yan Liu, Yongkun Yang, Dongxing Wang, Xiaolong Li, Ting-an Zhang
      Pages 131-140
  5. Magnesium Technology 2017: Mechanical Behavior: Twinning, Plasticity, Texture, and Fatigue I

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 141-141
    2. Christopher Barrett, Fulin Wang, Sean Agnew, Haitham El Kadiri
      Pages 147-152
    3. S. Basu, E. Dogan, B. Kondori, I. Karaman, A. A. Benzerga
      Pages 153-158
    4. M. Arul Kumar, I. J. Beyerlein, R. A. Lebensohn, C. N. Tomé
      Pages 159-165
    5. F. Wang, C. D. Barrett, K. Hazeli, K. D. Molodov, T. Al-Samman, A. Oppedal et al.
      Pages 175-180
  6. Magnesium Technology 2017: Solidification and Processing II

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 181-181
    2. D. Letzig, R. Hoppe, J. Isakovic, G. Kurz
      Pages 183-189
    3. Jian Gu, Yuanding Huang, Mingxing Zhang, Karl Ulrich Kainer, Norbert Hort
      Pages 191-198
    4. B. Chubukov, S. Rowe, A. Palumbo, I. Hischier, A. Weimer
      Pages 199-202
    5. Su Mi Jo, Yohan Go, Bong Sun You, Young Min Kim
      Pages 203-207
    6. Lukui Guan, Ting-an Zhang, Zhi-he Dou, Daxue Fu
      Pages 215-223
    7. Dikai Guan, W. Mark Rainforth, Joanne Sharp, Junheng Gao
      Pages 225-233
    8. Raymond Decker, Stephen LeBeau, Tracy Berman, Tori Miller, J. Wayne Jones, Tresa Pollock et al.
      Pages 235-243
  7. Magnesium Technology 2017: Mechanical Behavior: Twinning, Plasticity, Texture, and Fatigue II

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 245-245
    2. C. Kale, M. Rajagopalan, S. Turnage, B. Hornbuckle, K. Darling, S. N. Mathaudhu et al.
      Pages 247-251
    3. Xinsheng Huang, Yasumasa Chino, Hironori Ueda, Masashi Inoue, Futoshi Kido, Toshiharu Matsumoto
      Pages 269-274
    4. Yun Zou, Yang Li, Hao Guo, Songsong Xu, Yu Zhao, Milin Zhang et al.
      Pages 275-281
    5. Ichiro Kawarada, Ruixiao Zheng, Akinobu Shibata, Hidetoshi Somekawa, Shigenobu Ogata, Nobuhiro Tsuji
      Pages 283-287
    6. Andrew D. Klarner, Weihua Sun, Jiashi Miao, Alan A. Luo
      Pages 289-295
    7. M. G. Jiang, J. C. Chen, H. Yan, C. Xu, T. Nakata, S. Kamado
      Pages 297-301

About these proceedings


The Magnesium Technology Symposium, the event on which this collection is based, is one of the largest yearly gatherings of magnesium specialists in the world. Papers represent all aspects of the field, ranging from primary production to applications to recycling. Moreover, papers explore everything from basic research findings to industrialization. Magnesium Technology 2017 covers a broad spectrum of current topics, including alloys and their properties; cast products and processing; wrought products and processing; forming, joining, and machining; corrosion and surface finishing; ecology; and structural applications. In addition, there is coverage of new and emerging applications.


Materials Science Material technology and application Materials science and application Magnesium technology cast products and processing corrosion and surface finishing alloys forming joining

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  • Dmytro Orlov
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  • Alok Singh
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  • Neale R. Neelameggham
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