Distributed Computer and Communication Networks

19th International Conference, DCCN 2016, Moscow, Russia, November 21-25, 2016, Revised Selected Papers

  • Vladimir M. Vishnevskiy
  • Konstantin E. Samouylov
  • Dmitry V. Kozyrev
Conference proceedings DCCN 2016

Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 678)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XV
  2. Computer and Communication Networks

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Antonino Orsino, Giuseppe Araniti, Li Wang, Antonio Iera
      Pages 3-12
    3. Dmitry Namiot, Manfred Sneps-Sneppe
      Pages 13-24
    4. Anton Prudanov, Sergey Tkachev, Nikolay Golos, Pavel Masek, Jiri Hosek, Radek Fujdiak et al.
      Pages 25-34
    5. Vladimir Vishnevskiy, Andrey Larionov, Roman Ivanov
      Pages 35-46
    6. Natalia M. Markovich, Vladimir Khrenov, Udo R. Krieger
      Pages 47-56
    7. Janos Sztrik, Tamás Bérczes, Hamza Nemouchi, Agassi Melikov
      Pages 64-73
    8. Valentina Klimenok, Alexander Dudin, Vladimir Vishnevskiy, Vladimir Shumchenya, Achyutha Krishnamoorthy
      Pages 74-88
    9. M. K. Sathian, Viswanath C. Narayanan, Vladimir Vishnevskiy, Achyutha Krishnamoorthy
      Pages 89-97
    10. Pavel Abaev, Yulia Gaidamaka, Konstantin Samouylov, Sergey Shorgin
      Pages 98-109
    11. Ekaterina Lisovskaya, Svetlana Moiseeva, Michele Pagano
      Pages 110-120
    12. Dmitry Efrosinin, Michael Feichtenschlager
      Pages 132-144
    13. A. M. Andronov, T. Jurkina
      Pages 162-167
    14. Vladimir Kokshenev, Pavel Mikheev, Sergey Suschenko, Roman Tkachyov
      Pages 168-181
    15. Dmitry Aminev, Alexander Zhurkov, Sergey Polesskiy, Vladimir Kulygin, Dmitry Kozyrev
      Pages 194-209
    16. Evsey Morozov, Irina Peshkova, Alexander Rumyantsev
      Pages 222-230
    17. Agassi Melikov, Lubov Zadiranova, Alexander Moiseev
      Pages 231-240
    18. A. Koucheryavy, M. Makolkina, A. Paramonov
      Pages 241-252
    19. I. I. Livshitz, D. V. Yurkin, A. A. Minyaev
      Pages 314-324
    20. A. Yu. Grebeshkov, A. V. Zuev, D. S. Kiporov
      Pages 325-336
    21. V. A. Bogatyrev, S. A. Parshutina, N. A. Poptcova, A. V. Bogatyrev
      Pages 337-348
    22. Ivan Zaryadov, Rostislav Razumchik, Tatiana Milovanova
      Pages 349-360
    23. Anastasia Vybornova, Alexander Paramonov, Andrey Koucheryavy
      Pages 361-368
    24. Anastasia Gorbunova, Ivan Zaryadov, Sergey Matyushenko, Eduard Sopin
      Pages 418-429
    25. Rustam Pirmagomedov, Ivan Hudoev, Daria Shangina
      Pages 430-441
  3. Mathematical Modeling and Computation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 469-469
    2. Edik Ayrjan, Migran Gevorkyan, Dmitry Kulyabov, Konstantin Lovetskiy, Nikolai Nikolaev, Anton Sevastianov et al.
      Pages 471-482
    3. Ekaterina G. Eferina, Michal Hnatich, Anna V. Korolkova, Dmitry S. Kulyabov, Leonid A. Sevastianov, Tatiana R. Velieva
      Pages 483-497
    4. A. V. Demidova, Olga Druzhinina, Milojica Jacimovic, Olga Masina
      Pages 498-510
    5. A. A. Gusev, O. Chuluunbaatar, S. I. Vinitsky, L. L. Hai, V. L. Derbov, P. M. Krassovitskiy
      Pages 511-524
    6. S. I. Vinitsky, A. A. Gusev, O. Chuluunbaatar, A. Góźdź, V. L. Derbov
      Pages 525-537
    7. Migran Gevorkyan, Michal Hnatich, Ivan M. Gostev, A. V. Demidova, Anna V. Korolkova, Dmitry S. Kulyabov et al.
      Pages 538-552

About these proceedings


This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Distributed and Computer and Communication Networks, DCCN 2016, held in Moscow, Russia, in November 2016.

The 50 revised full papers and the 6 revised short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 141 submissions. The papers cover the following topics: computer and communication networks architecture optimization; control in computer and communication networks; performance and QoS/QoE evaluation in wireless networks; analytical modeling and simulation of next-generation communications systems; queuing theory and reliability theory applications in computer networks; wireless 4G/5G networks, cm- and mm-wave radio technologies; RFID technology and its application in intellectual transportation networks; internet of things, wearables, and applications of distributed information systems; probabilistic and statistical models in information systems; mathematical modeling of high-tech systems; mathematical modeling and control problems; distributed and cloud computing systems, big data analytics.


computer networks distributed systems Internet of Things (IoT) modeling network protocols performance evaluation probability Quality of Service(QoS) queueing networks queueing systems queueing theory radio routers security sensor networks simulation stochastic processes telecommunication traffic wireless communication wireless networks

Editors and affiliations

  • Vladimir M. Vishnevskiy
    • 1
  • Konstantin E. Samouylov
    • 2
  • Dmitry V. Kozyrev
    • 3
  1. 1.V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control SciencesRussian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia
  2. 2.RUDN University MoscowRussia
  3. 3.V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control SciencesRussian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia

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