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Image-Based Multilevel Biomechanical Modeling for Fall-Induced Hip Fracture


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About this book


Fall-induced hip fracture is an epidemic health risk among elderly people. This book presents an image-based multilevel modeling approach to understanding the biomechanics involved in fall-induced hip fracture. By hierarchically integrating a body-level dynamics model, a femur-level finite element model, and a local bone failure model, the biomechanics approach is able to simulate all stages in sideways falls and to incorporate all biomechanical variables affecting hip fracture. This book is useful for clinicians to accurately evaluate fracture risk, for biomechanical engineers to virtually test hip protective devices, and for biomedical students to learn image-based biomechanical modeling techniques.

This book also covers:

  • Biomechanical viewing on bone composition, bone remodeling, and bone strength
  • Bone imaging and information captured for constructing biomechanical models
  • Bone mechanical testing and mechanical properties required for biomechanical modeling



Biomechanical Modelling Hip Fracture Bone Imaging Modalities Clinic Bone Imaging Modalities Musculoskeletal Dynamics Modeling Proximal-Femur Finite Element Modeling

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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of ManitobaWinnipegCanada

About the authors

Dr. Yunhua Luo is an Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba.

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“This book documents the early development of methodology to predict hip fracture risk in an individual patient. … This is written for biomechanical researchers, clinicians, and graduate students in the field of fall-induced skeletal fracture and risk assessment. … This is an excellent, well‐conceived, unique book. … It is an essential addition to the academic libraries frequented by those interested in this subject.” (Samuel J. Chmell, Doody's Book Reviews, May, 2017)