Photoactive Semiconductor Nanocrystal Quantum Dots

Fundamentals and Applications

  • Alberto Credi

Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry Collections book series (TCCC)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Freddy T. Rabouw, Celso de Mello Donega
    Pages 1-30
  3. Lorenzo Sansalone, Sicheng Tang, Yang Zhang, Ek Raj Thapaliya, Françisco M. Raymo, Jaume Garcia-Amorós
    Pages 31-60
  4. Serena Silvi, Massimo Baroncini, Marcello La Rosa, Alberto Credi
    Pages 61-87
  5. Francesco Romano, Yixuan Yu, Brian A. Korgel, Giacomo Bergamini, Paola Ceroni
    Pages 89-106
  6. Alberto Escudero, Carolina Carrillo-Carrión, Mikhail V. Zyuzin, Wolfgang J. Parak
    Pages 107-121
  7. Liang Su, Xiaoyu Zhang, Yu Zhang, Andrey L. Rogach
    Pages 123-147
  8. Yuval Ben-Shahar, Uri Banin
    Pages 149-174

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The series Topics in Current Chemistry Collections presents critical reviews from the journal Topics in Current Chemistry organized in topical volumes. The scope of coverage is all areas of chemical science including the interfaces with related disciplines such as biology, medicine and materials science. The goal of each thematic volume is to give the non-specialist reader, whether in academia or industry, a comprehensive insight into an area where new research is emerging which is of interest to a larger scientific audience.
Each review within the volume critically surveys one aspect of that topic and places it within the context of the volume as a whole. The most significant developments of the last 5 to 10 years are presented using selected examples to illustrate the principles discussed. The coverage is not intended to be an exhaustive summary of the field or include large quantities of data, but should rather be conceptual, concentrating on the methodological thinking that will allow the non-specialist reader to understand the information presented. Contributions also offer an outlook on potential future developments in the field.


Quantum dots Photoactive silicon quantum dots Photoswitchable ligands Interfacement of quantum dots Rare earth complex conjugates QDs Carbon dots Light emitting devices

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