Connecting the Quality of Life Theory to Health, Well-being and Education

The Selected Works of Alex C. Michalos

  • Alex C. Michalos

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  2. Alison G. C. Mallard, Charles E. Lance, Alex C. Michalos
    Pages 59-79
  3. Alex C. Michalos, Harvey V. Thommasen, Rua Read, Nancy Anderson, Bruno D. Zumbo
    Pages 81-122
  4. Sylvia S. Barton, Harvey V. Thommasen, Bill Tallio, William Zhang, Alex C. Michalos
    Pages 123-135
  5. Donald C. Voaklander, Harvey V. Thommasen, Alex C. Michalos
    Pages 151-164
  6. Alex C. Michalos, P. Maurine Hatch, Dawn Hemingway, Loraine Lavallee, Anne Hogan, Bev Christensen
    Pages 165-200
  7. Alex C. Michalos, Douglas Ramsey, Derrek Eberts, P. Maurine Kahlke
    Pages 201-246
  8. Alex C. Michalos, Julie Anne Orlando
    Pages 247-254
  9. Alex C. Michalos
    Pages 277-299
  10. Alex C. Michalos
    Pages 301-312
  11. Alex C. Michalos
    Pages 313-326
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 397-402

About this book


This volume connects aspects of personal health, overall well-being, and education to quality of life. It includes discussions of Galen’s and Harvey’s views of the movement of blood in human bodies, and differences in the research traditions of social indicators research and health-related quality of life research. It examines determinants of health and quality of life in a variety of populations, including the residents of the Bella Coola Valley of British Columbia, aboriginal residential school survivors in Canada, and diabetics versus non-diabetics. It describes relations between health survey and patients’ medical chart reviews, the health and quality of life of older people, and the difference between good health and a good life. Other topics explored are student quality of life, comparisons of the quality of life of students, aboriginal and unemployed people, the impact of education on happiness and well-being, and liberal education. In addition, the volume presents Einstein’s views of ethics and science, and unacknowledged authorship in scholarly publications. The final chapter gives a historical review of quality of life research in Canada over the past fifty years.


Aspects of Personal Health Well-Being and Quality of Life Health and Quality of Life Research Quality of Life of aboriginal Residential School Survivors Quality of Life of Diabetics Health and Quality of Life of Older People Good Health and Good Life Student Quality of Life Impact of Education on Happiness and Well-Being History of Quality of Life Personal Life Satisfaction

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