Karst Groundwater Contamination and Public Health

Beyond Case Studies

  • William B. White
  • Janet S. Herman
  • Ellen K. Herman
  • Marian Rutigliano
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Karst Science book series (AKS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Introduction to the Conference

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. William B. White, Janet S. Herman, Ellen K. Herman, Marian Rutigliano
      Pages 3-5
  3. Keynote Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 15-15
    2. José F. Cordero, John D. Meeker, Rita Loch-Caruso, Roger Giese, Ingrid Padilla, Dorothy Vesper et al.
      Pages 17-25
    3. Thomas E. Miller, Gilles Brocard, Jane Willenbring
      Pages 27-31
  4. Karst Groundwater Contaminants and Tools for Their Evaluation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 83-83
    2. JeTara Brown, Thomas Byl, Rickard Toomey III, Lonnie Sharpe Jr.
      Pages 91-95
    3. Thomas Byl, Michael Bradley, Lashun K. Thomas, Roger Painter
      Pages 97-100
    4. Savannah Gregor, Noushin Fallahpour, Ljiljana Rajic, Akram Alshawabkeh
      Pages 117-120
    5. Dorothy J. Vesper, Habib Bravo-Ruiz, Amanda F. Laskoskie, Harry M. Edenborn
      Pages 145-153
  5. Contaminant Exposure and Public Health

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 155-155
    2. Nancy R. Cardona-Cordero, Carmen M. Vélez-Vega, José F. Cordero, Zaira Rosario, Colleen Murphy, Hernando Mattei et al.
      Pages 169-175
    3. Andreas H. Farnleitner, Domenico Savio, Regina Sommer, Georg Reischer, Alexander Kirschner, Wolfgang Zerobin et al.
      Pages 185-192
    4. Maureen Handler, John Hoffelt
      Pages 193-200
    5. Maureen A. Muldoon, Mark A. Borchardt, Susan K. Spencer, Randall J. Hunt, David Owens
      Pages 209-213
    6. Betzaida Ortiz-Carrión, Jorge R. Ortiz-Zayas, Josefina Arce-Quiñones
      Pages 215-217
    7. Fabienne Petit, Thierry Berthe, Gautier Chaix, Erick Denamur, Olivier Clermont, Nicolas Massei et al.
      Pages 219-230
    8. Norma I. Torres, Ingrid Y. Padilla, Vilda L. Rivera
      Pages 237-241
  6. Risk Assessment and Regulatory Issues

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 243-243
    2. Marianna Mazzei, Mario Parise
      Pages 245-247
    3. Philip E. van Beynen, Michael Niedzielski, Elzbieta Bialkowska-Jelinska, Kamal Alsharif
      Pages 261-273
  7. Aquifer Studies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 275-275
    2. Rachel F. Bosch, William B. White
      Pages 277-281
    3. Ryan Gardner, Evan Hart, Chuck Sutherland
      Pages 283-287
    4. Bertel Nilsson, Peter Gravesen
      Pages 289-298
    5. Rolf Vieten, Sophie Warken, Amos Winter, Denis Scholz, Thomas Miller, Christoph Spötl et al.
      Pages 319-331
  8. Conference Summary

About these proceedings


This book sheds new light on contaminant transport in karst aquifers and the public health implications of contaminated karst groundwater. The papers included were presented at a conference held in early 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and range from lengthy reviews on contaminant transport mechanisms to short articles summarizing research findings. The conference addressed a variety of topics, such as contamination sources, the hydrogeology of contaminant transport, the storage and release of contaminants, and the health impacts as well as the epidemiology of contaminated water supplies drawn from karst aquifers, and gathered perspectives from experts in different disciplines, including hydrogeologists and public health specialists. Although there is a wealth of literature on specific instances of karst groundwater contamination, this book offers an integrated conceptual framework for the public health impacts of karst groundwater, making it a valuable resource for a broad interdisciplinary readership.


Contaminant Transport Contaminated Groundwater Groundwater Influence on Public Health Karst Aquifers Water Pollution Water Supplies

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