Applied and Computational Matrix Analysis

MAT-TRIAD, Coimbra, Portugal, September 2015 Selected, Revised Contributions

  • Natália Bebiano
Conference proceedings MAT-TRIAD 2015

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 192)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Amir Amiraslani, Heike Faßbender, Nikta Shayanfar
    Pages 1-25
  3. Jaroslav Horáček, Milan Hladík, Michal Černý
    Pages 37-66
  4. P. Almeida, D. Napp, R. Pinto
    Pages 67-77
  5. Mohammed El Oued, Diego Napp, Raquel Pinto, Marisa Toste
    Pages 79-91
  6. Domingos Moreira Cardoso, Sofia J. Pinheiro
    Pages 105-116
  7. Kenji Toyonaga, Charles R. Johnson, Richard Uhrig
    Pages 117-126
  8. M. Bendaoud, M. Jabbar, M. Sarih
    Pages 127-137
  9. Natália Bebiano, João da Providência, Ana Nata, João P. da Providência
    Pages 165-179
  10. Natália Bebiano, João da Providência, Fatemeh Esmaeili
    Pages 181-197
  11. Hatice Kübra Duru, Durmuş Bozkurt
    Pages 199-217
  12. Carlos Gamas
    Pages 253-262
  13. Jolanta Pielaszkiewicz, Dietrich von Rosen, Martin Singull
    Pages 263-274
  14. Radosław Kala, Augustyn Markiewicz, Simo Puntanen
    Pages 275-294
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 343-347

About these proceedings


This volume presents recent advances in the field of matrix analysis based on contributions at the MAT-TRIAD 2015 conference. Topics covered include interval linear algebra and computational complexity, Birkhoff polynomial basis, tensors, graphs, linear pencils, K-theory and statistic inference, showing the ubiquity of matrices in different mathematical areas.

With a particular focus on matrix and operator theory, statistical models and computation, the International Conference on Matrix Analysis and its Applications 2015, held in Coimbra, Portugal, was the sixth in a series of conferences. 

Applied and Computational Matrix Analysis will appeal to graduate students and researchers in theoretical and applied mathematics, physics and engineering who are seeking an overview of recent problems and methods in matrix analysis.


15A86 15B05 05C50 18F25 16G99 47A56 47A12 05C50 94B10 62J12 interval linear algebra computational complexity dual of convolutional codes Birkhoff polynomial basis matrix linear pencils numerical ranges Hankel pencil conjecture spectral graph theory covariance matrix spectral moments

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