Luminescence in Electrochemistry

Applications in Analytical Chemistry, Physics and Biology

  • Fabien Miomandre
  • Pierre Audebert

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Olivier Alévêque, Eric Levillain
    Pages 1-19
  3. Jannu Casanova-Moreno, Zhinan Landis Yu, Jonathan Massey-Allard, Brian Ditchburn, Jeff F. Young, Dan Bizzotto
    Pages 21-77
  4. W. Xu, L. P. Zaino, P. W. Bohn
    Pages 79-104
  5. Francisco Montilla, Francisco Huerta
    Pages 105-137
  6. Kenji Kanazawa, Kazuki Nakamura, Norihisa Kobayashi
    Pages 175-213
  7. Alexander Oleinick, Oleksiy V. Klymenko, Irina Svir, Christian Amatore
    Pages 215-256
  8. Neso Sojic, Stéphane Arbault, Laurent Bouffier, Alexander Kuhn
    Pages 257-291
  9. Andrea Fiorani, Giovanni Valenti, Elena Villani, Massimo Marcaccio, Enrico Rampazzo, Luca Prodi et al.
    Pages 293-326
  10. Frédéric Dumur
    Pages 327-361

About this book


This book highlights the various topics in which luminescence and electrochemistry are intimately coupled.  The topic of this book is clearly at the frontier between several scientific domains involving physics, chemistry and biology. Applications in these various fields naturally also need to be mentioned, especially concerning displays and advanced investigation techniques in analytical chemistry or for biomedical issues.


Electrochemiluminescence Fluorescence Microscopy Light Emitting Electrochemical Cells Luminescence Electrochemistry Electrofluorochromism

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