Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management

20th International Conference, EKAW 2016, Bologna, Italy, November 19-23, 2016, Proceedings

  • Eva Blomqvist
  • Paolo Ciancarini
  • Francesco Poggi
  • Fabio Vitali
Conference proceedings EKAW 2016

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10024)

Also part of the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence book sub series (LNAI, volume 10024)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVII
  2. Research Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Manel Achichi, Mohamed Ben Ellefi, Danai Symeonidou, Konstantin Todorov
      Pages 3-18
    3. Amina Annane, Zohra Bellahsene, Faiçal Azouaou, Clement Jonquet
      Pages 19-33
    4. Valerio Basile, Soufian Jebbara, Elena Cabrio, Philipp Cimiano
      Pages 34-50
    5. Amparo Elizabeth Cano-Basave, Francesco Osborne, Angelo Antonio Salatino
      Pages 51-67
    6. Silvio Domingos Cardoso, Cédric Pruski, Marcos Da Silveira, Ying-Chi Lin, Anika Groß, Erhard Rahm et al.
      Pages 68-82
    7. Luís Cruz-Filipe, Graça Gaspar, Isabel Nunes, Peter Schneider-Kamp
      Pages 98-112
    8. Claudia d’Amato, Andrea G. B. Tettamanzi, Tran Duc Minh
      Pages 113-128
    9. Enrico Daga, Mathieu d’Aquin, Aldo Gangemi, Enrico Motta
      Pages 129-144
    10. Daniele Dell’Aglio, Minh Dao-Tran, Jean-Paul Calbimonte, Danh Le Phuoc, Emanuele Della Valle
      Pages 145-162
    11. Ivan Ermilov, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
      Pages 163-179
    12. André Freitas, Siamak Barzegar, Juliano Efson Sales, Siegfried Handschuh, Brian Davis
      Pages 212-222
    13. Michael Färber, Achim Rettinger, Boulos El Asmar
      Pages 223-238
    14. Aldo Gangemi, Mehwish Alam, Luigi Asprino, Valentina Presutti, Diego Reforgiato Recupero
      Pages 239-254
    15. David Geleta, Terry R. Payne, Valentina Tamma
      Pages 255-271
    16. Irlán Grangel-González, Diego Collarana, Lavdim Halilaj, Steffen Lohmann, Christoph Lange, María-Esther Vidal et al.
      Pages 272-287
    17. Sherzod Hakimov, Hendrik ter Horst, Soufian Jebbara, Matthias Hartung, Philipp Cimiano
      Pages 288-302
    18. Lavdim Halilaj, Niklas Petersen, Irlán Grangel-González, Christoph Lange, Sören Auer, Gökhan Coskun et al.
      Pages 303-319
    19. Ehab Hassan, Davide Buscaldi, Aldo Gangemi
      Pages 320-336
    20. Jörn Hees, Rouven Bauer, Joachim Folz, Damian Borth, Andreas Dengel
      Pages 337-352
    21. Yiting Ju, Benjamin Adams, Krzysztof Janowicz, Yingjie Hu, Bo Yan, Grant McKenzie
      Pages 353-367
    22. C. Maria Keet
      Pages 368-383
    23. C. Maria Keet, Takunda Chirema
      Pages 384-399
    24. Zubeida Casmod Khan, C. Maria Keet
      Pages 400-415
    25. Chun Lu, Philippe Laublet, Milan Stankovic
      Pages 416-431
    26. Nicolas Matentzoglu, Markel Vigo, Caroline Jay, Robert Stevens
      Pages 432-446
    27. Niels Ockeloen, Victor de Boer, Tobias Kuhn, Guus Schreiber
      Pages 447-462
    28. Francesco Osborne, Hélène de Ribaupierre, Enrico Motta
      Pages 463-479
    29. Giulio Petrucci, Chiara Ghidini, Marco Rospocher
      Pages 480-495
    30. Giuseppe Rizzo, Nicola Fanizzi, Jens Lehmann, Lorenz Bühmann
      Pages 511-526
    31. Fabiano Borges Ruy, Ricardo de Almeida Falbo, Monalessa Perini Barcellos, Simone Dornelas Costa, Giancarlo Guizzardi
      Pages 527-542
    32. Gabrielle Santos, Terry R. Payne, Valentina Tamma, Floriana Grasso
      Pages 543-560
    33. Nicolas Seydoux, Khalil Drira, Nathalie Hernandez, Thierry Monteil
      Pages 561-576
    34. Álvaro Sicilia, German Nemirovski
      Pages 577-592
    35. Vivian S. Silva, André Freitas, Siegfried Handschuh
      Pages 593-605
    36. Lydia Silva Muñoz, Michael Grüninger
      Pages 606-620
    37. Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Simone Paolo Ponzetto, Christian Meilicke
      Pages 621-635
    38. Vojtěch Svátek, Ondřej Zamazal, Miroslav Vacura
      Pages 636-650
    39. Abdel Nasser Tigrine, Zohra Bellahsene, Konstantin Todorov
      Pages 651-665
    40. Ignacio Traverso-Ribón, Guillermo Palma, Alejandro Flores, Maria-Esther Vidal
      Pages 666-680
    41. Umair ul Hassan, Amrapali Zaveri, Edgard Marx, Edward Curry, Jens Lehmann
      Pages 681-696
    42. Onno Valkering, Victor de Boer, Gossa Lô, Romy Blankendaal, Stefan Schlobach
      Pages 697-712
    43. Marc Weise, Steffen Lohmann, Florian Haag
      Pages 713-728
  3. In-Use Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 729-729
    2. Zubair Afzal, George Tsatsaronis, Marius Doornenbal, Pascal Coupet, Michelle Gregory
      Pages 731-745

Other volumes

  1. Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management
    20th International Conference, EKAW 2016, Bologna, Italy, November 19-23, 2016, Proceedings
  2. EKAW 2016 Satellite Events, EKM and Drift-an-LOD, Bologna, Italy, November 19–23, 2016, Revised Selected Papers

About these proceedings


This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 20th International
Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, EKAW 2016,
held in Bologna, Italy, in November 2016.

The 51 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 171 submissions. The papers cover all aspects of eliciting, acquiring, modeling, and managing knowledge, the construction of knowledge-intensive systems and services for the Semantic Web, knowledge management, e-business, natural language processing,
intelligent information integration, personal digital assistance systems, and a variety of other related topics. A special focus was on "evolving knowledge", i.e., the impact of space and time on knowledge representation, concerning all aspects of the management and acquisition of knowledge representation of evolving, contextual, and local models.


data mining natural language processing ontology engineering recommender systems semantic Web collaborative knowledge acquisition content management description logic document clustering domain taxonomy evolutionary algorithms evolving knowledge knowledge management linguistic linked data machine translation ontology network pattern discovery semantic publishing user modeling visualization

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  • Paolo Ciancarini
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  • Francesco Poggi
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  • Fabio Vitali
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  2. 2.University of BolognaBolognaItaly
  3. 3.University of BolognaBolognaItaly
  4. 4.University of BolognaBolognaItaly

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