Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems — Water Reactors

  • Jeremy T. Busby
  • Gabriel Ilevbare
  • Peter L. Andresen

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxx
  2. Opening Session

    1. C. E. Gene Carpenter Jr., Amy Hull, Greg Oberson
      Pages 1-12
    2. Peter Ekström, Karen Gott, Björn Brickstad
      Pages 13-24
  3. Alloy 690 and Its Weld Metals I

    1. David R. Tice, Stuart L. Medway, Norman Platts, John W. Stairmand
      Pages 71-89
    2. Mychailo B. Toloczko, Matthew J. Olszta, Stephen M. Bruemmer
      Pages 91-107
  4. Alloy 690 and Its Weld Metals II

    1. Bogdan Alexandreanu, Yiren Chen, Ken Natesan, Bill Shack
      Pages 109-129
    2. David S. Morton, John V. Mullen, Eric Plesko, John Sutliff, Nathan Lewis
      Pages 131-147
    3. Qunjia Peng, Tetsuo Shoji, Juan Hou, Yoichi Takeda, Toshio Yonezawa
      Pages 149-159
    4. Peter L. Andresen, Martin M. Morra, Kawaljit Ahluwalia
      Pages 161-178
    5. Bogdan Alexandreanu, Yiren Chen, Ken Natesan, Bill Shack
      Pages 179-196
  5. Alloy 690 and Its Weld Metals III

    1. Hannu Hänninen, Aki Toivonen, Anssi Brederholm, Tapio Saukkonen, Wade Karlsen, Ulla Ehrnsten et al.
      Pages 197-224
    2. M. B. Toloczko, M. J. Olszta, S. M. Bruemmer
      Pages 225-243
    3. Bogdan Alexandreanu, Yiren Chen, Ken Natesan, Bill Shack
      Pages 245-266
    4. Peter L. Andresen
      Pages 267-300
    5. S. M. Bruemmer, M. J. Olszta, M. B. Toloczko, L. E. Thomas
      Pages 301-314
  6. Alloy 690 and Its Weld Metals IV

    1. Kimihisa Sakima, Harutaka Suzuki, Hideki Fujiwara
      Pages 315-329
    2. Matthew J. Olszta, Daniel K. Schreiber, Larry E. Thomas, Stephen M. Bruemmer
      Pages 331-342
    3. Youfa Yin, Feng Zhu, Roy Faulkner, Ed Miller, Paul Moreton, Ian Armson et al.
      Pages 343-356
  7. BWR Initiation and Oxide Film Characterization I

  8. BWR Initiation and Oxide Film Characterization II

  9. BWR Stainless Steels CGR I

  10. BWR Stainless Steels CGR II

    1. Johan Stjärnsäter, Bengt Bengtsson, Björn Forssgren, Hannah Johansson
      Pages 505-520
    2. Zhanpeng Lu, Tetsuo Shoji, Seiya Yamazaki, Fanjiang Meng, Tichun Dan, Yoichi Takeda et al.
      Pages 533-545
  11. Corrosion Fatigue — BWR, PWR

  12. Fuel and Fuel Related Materials I

    1. Mike G. Pop, Larry S. Lamanna, Richard Harne, John Riddle
      Pages 621-631
    2. Mike G. Pop, Larry Lamanna, Merl Bell, John Riddle, Alfred Hoornik
      Pages 649-653
    3. Jan Macák, Radek Novotný, Petr Sajdl, Veronika Renčiuková, Věra Vrtílková
      Pages 655-663
    4. Mike G. Pop, Merl Bell, Brian Lockamon
      Pages 665-669
  13. Fuel and Fuel Related Materials II

    1. Jakob Blomqvist, Johan Olofsson, Anna-Maria Alvarez, Christina Bjerkén
      Pages 671-681
    2. Kimberly Colas, Arthur Motta, Mark R. Daymond, Jonathan Almer, Zhonghou Cai
      Pages 683-688
  14. Fuel and Fuel Related Materials III PWR-BWR

    1. Nathanael Mozzani, Quentin Auzoux, David Le Boulch, Eric Andrieu, Christine Blanc
      Pages 689-701
    2. Sarah Davidsaver, Stephen Fyfitch, Brian Friend, James Hyres
      Pages 703-718
  15. Alloy 718 and X-750

    1. Peter L. Andresen, Juan Flores-Preciado, Martin M. Morra, Robert Carter
      Pages 719-744
    2. J. P. Gibbs, R. G. Ballinger, J. H. Jackson, D. Isheim, H. Hänninen
      Pages 745-762
    3. Yoshinori Katayama, Motoji Tsubota, Yoshiaki Saito, Norihiko Tanaka, Shigeaki Tanaka
      Pages 763-780
    4. Jonathan Hugues, Eric Andrieu, Christine Blanc, Jean-Marc Cloué
      Pages 781-790

About these proceedings


This 15th Edition of the International Conference on Materials Degradation in Light Water Reactors focuses on subject areas critical to the safe and efficient running of nuclear reactor systems through the exchange and discussion of reseach results as well as field operating and management experience.


nuclear reactors light water reactors field operation nuclear reactor safety nuclear reactor systems

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  • Jeremy T. Busby
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  • Gabriel Ilevbare
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  • Peter L. Andresen
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  2. 2.Electric Power Research InstituteUSA
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