Rubber Nano Blends

Preparation, Characterization and Applications

  • Gordana Markovic
  • Visakh P. M.

Part of the Springer Series on Polymer and Composite Materials book series (SSPCM)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Oriparambil Sivaraman Nirmal Ghosh, S. Gayathri, P. Sudhakara, S. K. Misra, J. Jayaramudu
    Pages 15-65
  3. Gordana Marković, Milena Marinović-Cincović, Vojislav Jovanović, Suzana Samaržija-Jovanović, Jaroslava Budinski-Simendić
    Pages 105-153
  4. Milena Marinović-Cincović, Gordana Marković, Vojislav Jovanović, Suzana Samaržija-Jovanović, Jaroslava Budinski-Simendić
    Pages 249-279
  5. Suzana Samaržija-Jovanović, Vojislav Jovanović, Gordana Marković, Milena Marinović-Cincović, Jaroslava Budinski-Simendić, Bojan Janković
    Pages 281-349

About this book


This book summarizes the preparation, characterization and applications of rubber based nano blends. Rubbers from natural and synthetic polymers and their blends are discussed in the individual chapters, including nitrile, polyurethane, chlorosulphonated, polybutadiene, styrene butadiene, polychloroprene rubbers. In each chapter, contributors from academia and industry describe the preparation and characterization of the rubber blends. Therefore, a variety of characterization methods like tensile testing, differential scanning calorimetry, dynamical mechanical analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, electron microscopy, scattering and diffraction techniques, and rheology measurements are utilized. The authors evaluate the properties of the different materials and discuss numerous fields of application, ranging from biomedicine, packaging, coatings and automobile to aerospace.


Dynamical Mechanical Analysis Electron Microscopy of Rubber Natural Rubber Latex Blends Packaging Applications of Rubber Blends Polybutadiene Rubber Recycling and Lifetime of Rubber Blends Rubber Macro Blends Rubber Micro Blends Rubber Nano Blends Tensile Testing Styrene Butadiene Rubber Polymer Blends Natural Rubber Synthetic Rubber Polyurethane Rubber Elastomers

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