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The Transformation of Property Regimes and Transitional Justice in Central Eastern Europe

In Search of a Theory

  • Offers a more complete theorisation of "restitution" than currently found in the literature

  • Analyses the measures transforming the regime of property in post-communist CEE countries

  • Addresses the distributional characteristics of transformation of property in post-communist CEE and their theoretical implications for transitional justice


Part of the Studies in the History of Law and Justice book series (SHLJ, volume 8)

About this book


This volume examines the property transformations in post-communist Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and focuses on the role of restitution and privatisation in such transformations. It argues that the theorisation of ‘restitution’ in post-communist CEE is incomplete in the transitional justice scholarship and in the literature on correction of historical wrongs.

The book also argues that, for a more complete theorisation of (post-communist) restitution, the transformations of property in post-communist societies ought to be studied in a more holistic way. The main legal vehicles used for such transformations, privatisation and restitution, should not be studied separately and in abstract, but in their reciprocal relationship, and in connection to the dimension of justice which each could achieve. Finally, the book integrates ‘privatisation’ in a theory of post-communist transformation of property.


Democratic consolidation Great Purges And Terror Historical Injustice Histories of the CEE countries Justice in Post-Communist Central Eastern Europe Post communist privatisation Post communist property transformation Post communist transformation of property Post-communist restitution in the Central Eastern European Property Transformations Restitution As Correction Restitution In Action Restitution as a Mechanism of Compensatory Justice Restitution as an esentially contested practice The Selective Repression Of “Real Socialism” Transitional Justice

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“This is an important book, providing valuable material about capitalist transitions and legacies in postcommunist societies and economies. It offers a distinctive framework for theorising post-communist privatisation and restitution. The author provides grounds for a reconsideration of property regime transformation in transitional justice theory.” (Rafał Riedel, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 70 (3), April, 2018)