Light Metals 2014

  • John Grandfield

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiv
  2. Alumina and Bauxite

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Bayer Process/Quality

      1. Desmond Lawson, Ab Rijkeboer, Dejan Dajkovich, Marvin Jackson, Horace Lawrence
        Pages 11-18
      2. Alexander G. Suss, Alexander N. Fedyaev, Andrey V. Panov, Irina V. Paromova, Dmitry V. Finin, Anna A. Damaskina
        Pages 19-24
    3. Process Control

    4. Cost Reduction/Alumina Recovery

      1. Alessio Scarsella, Hans-Werner Schmidt
        Pages 61-65
      2. Cao Wenzhong, Li Haining, Tian Weiwei, Zhong Hong
        Pages 67-72
      3. Wang Bo, Zong Shufeng, Sun Huilan, Zhang Jianxin, Zhang Yubing, Liu Dongdong et al.
        Pages 77-80
      4. Sun Huilan, Wang Bo, Zhang Jianxin, Zong Shufeng
        Pages 81-85
      5. LV Guozhi, Zhu Xiaofeng, Zhang Ting’an, Guo Fangfang, Pan Lu, Liu Yan et al.
        Pages 91-95
    5. Non-Bayer Process

      1. Alexander G. Suss, Alexander A. Damaskin, Alexander S. Senyuta, Andrey V. Panov, Andrey A. Smirnov
        Pages 105-109
      2. Sine Bøgh Skaarup, Yuriy A. Gordeev, Victor V. Volkov, Victor M. Sizyakov
        Pages 111-116
      3. Yongfeng Xiao, Qi Sun, Baodong Wang, Xiaotong Liu, Xiaohuan Wang, Lijun Zhao et al.
        Pages 117-119
      4. Jun Luo, Mingjun Rao, Mingxia Liu, Guanghui Li, Tao Jiang
        Pages 125-130
      5. Li Laishi, Wu Yusheng, Liu Yingying
        Pages 131-134
      6. Vladimir G. Kazakov, Vadim A. Lipin
        Pages 135-139
    6. Waste Recovery

      1. Efhtymios Balomnenos, Dimitrios Kastritis, Dimitrios Panias, Ioannis Paspaliaris, Dimitrios Boufounos
        Pages 143-147
      2. Peter-Hans ter Weer
        Pages 149-154
      3. Dimitrios Panias, Ioanna Giannopoulou, Dimitrios Boufounos
        Pages 155-159
      4. Kellen Nery, Joaquim Ávila, Milton Scarmínio, Luciana Bittar, Rodrigo Moreno, Roberto Seno
        Pages 161-163
      5. Zhao Qiuyue, Zhang Zimu, Zhu Xiaofeng, Liu Yan, Lv Guozhi, Zhang Ting’an et al.
        Pages 165-168
  3. Aluminum Alloys: Development, Characterization and Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 173-173
    2. Development and Application

      1. Josef Berneder, Ramona Prillhofer, Josef Enser, T. Grohmann
        Pages 177-182
      2. Salem Seifeddine, Darya Poletaeva, Mohammad Ghorbani, Anders Jarfors
        Pages 183-188
      3. P. Pucher, H. Böttcher, H. Kaufmann, H. Antrekowitsch, P. J. Uggowitzer
        Pages 189-193
      4. F. D’Elia, A. Lombardi, C. Ravindran, D. Sediako, K. P. Rao
        Pages 195-199
      5. Marcel Rosefort, Ruven Baumgart, Christiane Matthies, Hubert Koch
        Pages 201-205
      6. Mario Rosso, Ildiko Peter, Christian Castella, Roberto Molina
        Pages 213-218
    3. Processing, Texture and Formability

      1. Aashish Rohatgi, Richard W. Davies, Elizabeth V. Stephens, Ayoub Soulami, Mark T. Smith
        Pages 221-225
      2. R. Prillhofer, J. Berneder, G. Rank, H. Antrekowitsch, S. Pogatscher, P. J. Uggowitzer
        Pages 227-232
      3. Kwangjun Euh, Hyoung-Wook Kim, Su-Hyeon Kim
        Pages 233-236
      4. Miroslav Cieslar, Jan Bajer, Michal Hájek, Vladivoj Očenášek
        Pages 237-241
    4. Solutioning and Aging Behavior

      1. Beata Smyrak, Tadeusz Knych, Andrzej Mamala, Kinga Korzeń
        Pages 245-248
      2. Gaosong Yi, Yakun Zhu, David A. Cullen, Alexander T Derrick, Michael L. Free
        Pages 249-253
      3. S. Boczkal, M. Lech-Grega, J. Morgiel, K. Piela
        Pages 261-264
      4. Yuri Hovanski, Piyush Upadhyay, Siva Pilli, Blair Carlson, John Carsley, Susan Hartfield-Wunsch et al.
        Pages 265-270
    5. Corrosion and Fatigue

      1. Golta Khatibi, Martin Lederer, Bernhard Czerny, Agnieszka Betzwar Kotas, Brigitte Weiss
        Pages 273-277

About this book


The Light Metals symposia are a key part of the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, presenting the most recent developments, discoveries, and practices in primary aluminum science and technology. Publishing the proceedings from these important symposia, the Light Metals volume has become the definitive reference in the field of aluminum production and related light metal technologies. The 2014 collection includes papers from the following symposia: •Alumina and Bauxite •Aluminum Alloys: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications •Aluminum Processing •Aluminum Reduction Technology •Cast Shop for Aluminum Production •Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production •Light-metal Matrix (Nano)-composites


Materials Science light metals Alumina and bauxite aluminum alloys cast shop

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