Hölder and locally Hölder Continuous Functions, and Open Sets of Class C^k, C^{k,lambda}

  • Renato Fiorenza

Part of the Frontiers in Mathematics book series (FM)

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This book offers a systematic treatment of a classic topic in Analysis. It fills a gap in the existing literature by presenting in detail the classic λ-Hölder condition and introducing the notion of locally Hölder-continuous function in an open set Ω in Rn. Further, it provides the essential notions of multidimensional geometry applied to analysis.

Written in an accessible style and with proofs given as clearly as possible, it is a valuable resource for graduate students in Mathematical Analysis and researchers dealing with Hölder-continuous functions and their applications.


Hölder continuity Local Hölder continuity Lipschitz continuity The Cone property Multidimensional geometry Regularity of boundary of sets Classes of open sets Local coordinate systems

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  • Renato Fiorenza
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