Theoretical Atomic Physics

  • Harald Friedrich

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About this book


This expanded and updated well-established textbook contains an advanced presentation
of quantum mechanics adapted to the requirements of modern atomic physics. It
includes topics of current interest such as semiclassical theory, chaos, atom optics and
Bose-Einstein condensation in atomic gases. In order to facilitate the consolidation
of the material covered, various problems are included, together with complete
solutions. The emphasis on theory enables the reader to appreciate the fundamental
assumptions underlying standard theoretical constructs and to embark on independent
research projects.

The fourth edition of Theoretical Atomic Physics contains an
updated treatment of the sections involving scattering theory and near-threshold
phenomena manifest in the behaviour of cold atoms (and molecules). Special attention
is given to the quantization of weakly bound states just below the continuum threshold
and to low-energy scattering and quantum reflection just above. Particular emphasis
is laid on the fundamental differences between long-ranged Coulombic potentials
and shorter-ranged potentials falling off faster than 1/rat large distances r. The new
sections on tunable near-threshold Feshbach resonances and on scattering in two spatial
dimensions also address problems relevant for current and future research in the field
of cold (and ultra-cold) atoms. Graduate students and researchers will find this book a
valuable resource and comprehensive reference alike.


Atom External Field Atomic physics explained Bose Einstein Condensation Coulomb Potential Electromagnetic Transition Many Electron Systems Multiphoton Absorption Rydberg Atom Scattering Atom Spin Quantum Physics Textbook Atomic Physics Textbook Atomic Spectra

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