Philosophy of Systems Biology

Perspectives from Scientists and Philosophers

  • Sara Green

Part of the History, Philosophy and Theory of the Life Sciences book series (HPTL, volume 20)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Fred C. Boogerd
    Pages 49-58
  3. Annamaria Carusi
    Pages 59-67
  4. Eric H. Davidson
    Pages 69-78
  5. Manfred Drack
    Pages 79-86
  6. Melinda Bonnie Fagan
    Pages 87-97
  7. Gabriele Gramelsberger
    Pages 99-107
  8. Fridolin Gross
    Pages 109-116
  9. Stefan Hohmann
    Pages 125-134
  10. Karen Kastenhofer
    Pages 157-167
  11. Alexey Kolodkin
    Pages 181-191
  12. Denis Noble
    Pages 227-235
  13. Isabelle S. Peter
    Pages 237-245

About this book


The emergence of systems biology raises many fascinating questions: What does it mean to take a systems approach to problems in biology? To what extent is the use of mathematical and computational modelling changing the life sciences? How does the availability of big data influence research practices? What are the major challenges for biomedical research in the years to come? This book addresses such questions of relevance not only to philosophers and biologists but also to readers interested in the broader implications of systems biology for science and society.

The book features reflections and original work by experts from across the disciplines including systems biologists, philosophers, and interdisciplinary scholars investigating the social and educational aspects of systems biology. In response to the same set of questions, the experts develop and defend their personal perspectives on the distinctive character of systems biology and the challenges that lie ahead. Readers are invited to engage with different views on the questions addressed, and may explore numerous themes relating to the philosophy of systems biology.

This edited work will appeal to scholars and all levels, from undergraduates to researchers, and to those interested in a variety of scholarly approaches such as systems biology, mathematical and computational modelling, cell and molecular biology, genomics, systems theory, and of course, philosophy of biology.


Philosophy of Systems Biology Philosophy of Biology Mathematical Modeling Computational Modeling Systems Biology Genomics Emergence Systems Theory

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