Utopia and Dystopia in Postwar Italian Literature

Pasolini, Calvino, Sanguineti, Volponi

  • Daniele Fioretti

Part of the Italian and Italian American Studies book series (IIAS)

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About this book


'Utopia and Dystopia is a skilful synthesis of the work of Calvino, Sanguineti, Volponi and Pasolini, cutting-edge intellectuals of the latter twentieth century. Fioretti's book fills a gap in our knowledge of the literature of commitment in Italy by connecting it to the tradition of utopian literature in Europe, a framework the author explores theoretically and practically, and applies to the texts of these very diverse authors. By virtue of his method and the elegant and streamlined nature of his prose, Fioretti succeeds in presenting this complex material in a way that is highly legible and inviting, whether to the novice reader or the expert.' - Thomas E. Peterson, Professor of Italian, University of Georgia, USA

This book is about the presence of utopian and dystopian elements in the Italian literary landscape. It focuses on four authors that are representatives of the various positions in the Italian cultural debate: Pasolini, Calvino, Sanguineti, and Volponi. What did concepts like utopia and dystopia mean for these authors? Is it possible to separate utopia from dystopia? What is the role of science fiction in this debate? This book answers these questions, proposing an original interpretation of utopia and of the social role of literature. The book also takes into consideration four of the most influential literary journals in Italy: Officina, il menabò, il verri, and Nuovi Argomenti, that played a central role in the cultural and political debate on utopia in Italy.


World War II Soviet Union New Avant-garde Neo-Experimentalism Marxism Ideology

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