Revisiting the Entrepreneurial Mind

Inside the Black Box: An Expanded Edition

  • Malin Brännback
  • Alan L. Carsrud

Part of the International Studies in Entrepreneurship book series (ISEN, volume 35)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Malin Brännback, Alan Carsrud
    Pages 1-9
  3. From Intentions to Action

  4. Contexts, Cognition, and Entrepreneurial Expertise

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 69-69
    2. Jennie Elfving, Malin Brännback, Alan Carsrud
      Pages 71-81
    3. Jennie Elfving, Malin Brännback, Alan Carsrud
      Pages 83-90
    4. Simone Chlosta, Friederike Welter
      Pages 91-99
    5. Malin Brännback, Alan Carsrud
      Pages 123-129
    6. Ronald K. Mitchell, Benjamin T. Mitchell, J. Robert Mitchell
      Pages 131-173
  5. Cluster Three Motivations, Emotions, Attributions, and Self-Efficacy

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 183-183
    2. Alan Carsrud, Malin Brännback, Jennie Elfving, Kristie Brandt
      Pages 185-209
    3. Jennie Elfving, Malin Brännback, Alan Carsrud
      Pages 211-217
    4. Theresa Michl, Isabell M. Welpe, Matthias Spörrle, Arnold Picot
      Pages 219-242
    5. Theresa Treffers, Isabell M. Welpe, Matthias Spörrle, Arnold O. Picot
      Pages 243-259
    6. Kelly G. Shaver
      Pages 261-274
    7. René Mauer, Helle Neergaard, Anne Kirketerp Linstad
      Pages 293-317
    8. Franziska Günzel-Jensen, Kåre Moberg, René Mauer, Helle Neergaard
      Pages 319-335
  6. Cluster Four Entrepreneurial Alertness, Opportunity Identification and Behavior

  7. Malin Brännback
    Pages E1-E1

About this book


The book explores various aspects of cognitive and motivational psychology as they impact entrepreneurial behavior. Building upon the 2009 volume, Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mind, the editors and contributors explore the cognitions, motivations, passions, intentions, perceptions, and emotions associated with entrepreneurial behaviors, in each case preserving their original chapters and enhancing them with thoughtful and targeted updates, reflecting on the most recent developments in theory and practice, telling the story of what has transpired in the last decade in the field of entrepreneurial psychology.

The volume addresses such questions as: Why do some people start business and others do not? Is entrepreneurship a natural quality or can it be taught? Do entrepreneurs think differently from others? While there is a great deal of literature exploring the dynamics of new firm creation, policies to promote innovation and technology transfer, and the psychology of creativity; research on entrepreneurial mindset or cognition is relatively new, and draws largely from such related fields as organizational behavior, cognitive and social psychology, career development, and consumer research. In this book, editors Brännback and Carsrud have reassembled the contributors to Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mind to discuss new research paradigms given their vantage point years after the original volume was published.

Featuring the most current literature references, Revisiting the Entrepreneurial Mind continues to challenge conventional approaches to entrepreneurship and articulate an agenda for future research.


Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Mind Entrepreneurial Cognition Entrepreneurial Behavior Cognitive Psychology Consumer Research Career Development New Business Creation

Editors and affiliations

  • Malin Brännback
    • 1
  • Alan L. Carsrud
    • 2
  1. 1.School of Business and EconomicsAbo Akademi UniversityTurkuFinland
  2. 2.School of Business and EconomicsÅbo Akademi UniversityAbo (Turku)Finland

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