Maritime Psychology

Research in Organizational & Health Behavior at Sea

  • Malcolm MacLachlan

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Joanne McVeigh, Malcolm MacLachlan, Ralf Stilz, Henriette Cox, Niamh Doyle, Alistair Fraser et al.
    Pages 19-47
  3. Paul M. Liston, Alison Kay, Sam Cromie, Nick McDonald, Bill Kavanagh, Roddy Cooke et al.
    Pages 49-68
  4. Margareta Lützhöft, Erik Styhr Petersen, Apsara Abeysiriwardhane
    Pages 69-98
  5. Ana Slišković
    Pages 99-126
  6. Jørgen Riis Jepsen, Zhiwei Zhao, Claire Pekcan, Mike Barnett, Wessel M. A. van Leeuwen
    Pages 127-150
  7. Ian de Terte, Elspeth Tilley
    Pages 185-199
  8. Yannis Zolotas, Maria Kalafati, Ernestos Tzannatos, Dionysios Rassias
    Pages 201-222
  9. Malcolm MacLachlan
    Pages 223-234
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 235-241

About this book


This first-of-its-kind volume assembles current research on psychosocial issues and behavioral and safety concerns inherent in life and careers at sea. Focusing mainly on the commercial maritime transport sector, it sets out the basic concepts of maritime psychology in the contexts of health and occupational psychology and illustrates more expansive applications across nautical domains. A systems perspective and detailed case studies spotlight unique challenges to mariners’ work performance, personal and environmental health and safety; it also provides support for psychometric assessment of seafarers, and describes emerging uses for the healing properties of the sea and sailing. The book is a springboard for continued research and practice development, further interaction between psychology and the maritime world, and the continued broadening and deepening of the field.


Among the topics covered:


·         Positive psychology and wellbeing at sea.

·         Transferring learning across safety critical industries.

·         Occupational stress in seafarers.

·         The psychology of ship architecture and design.

·         Motion sickness susceptibility and management at sea.

·         Risk communication during a maritime disaster.


Written with clarity and nuance reflecting the vastness of marine experience, Maritime Psychology will be of interest to lecturers, researchers, and students of occupational and health psychology and maritime science, and to social and health scientists and practitioners in these and related fields. 


Maritime Human Factors Group career development of seafarers crew dynamics crew fatigue evacuation at sea health behavior at sea international maritime language maritime psychology motion sickness management shipping and marine technology stress and coping at sea survival at sea trauma at sea

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