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NEO 2015

Results of the Numerical and Evolutionary Optimization Workshop NEO 2015 held at September 23-25 2015 in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Oliver Schütze
  • Leonardo Trujillo
  • Pierrick Legrand
  • Yazmin Maldonado


  • Presents recent research in both search and optimization topics as well as real world problems

  • Results of the Numerical and Evolutionary Optimization Workshop NEO 2015 held at Sept. 23-25 2015 in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Written by experts in the field


Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 663)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Genetic Programming

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Mario Graff, Eric S. Tellez, Hugo Jair Escalante, Sabino Miranda-Jiménez
      Pages 43-65
    3. J. R. Cárdenas Valdez, Emigdio Z-Flores, José Cruz Núñez Pérez, Leonardo Trujillo
      Pages 67-88
    4. Carlos Goribar, Yazmin Maldonado, Leonardo Trujillo
      Pages 89-104
  3. Combinatorial Optimization

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 105-105
    2. Carlos Segura, Arturo Hernández Aguirre, Sergio Ivvan Valdez Peña, Salvador Botello Rionda
      Pages 121-148
    3. Youness El Hamzaoui, Ali Bassam, Mohamed Abatal, José A. Rodríguez, Miguel A. Duarte-Villaseñor, Lizbeth Escobedo et al.
      Pages 149-171
  4. Multi-objective Optimization

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 173-173
    2. Hao Wang, Yiyi Ren, André Deutz, Michael Emmerich
      Pages 175-203
    3. Zhi-Chang Qin, Fu-Rui Xiong, Yousef Sardahi, Yousef Naranjani, Oliver Schütze, J. Q. Sun
      Pages 205-222
    4. Massimiliano Vasile, Lorenzo Ricciardi
      Pages 223-252
    5. Saku Kukkonen, Carlos A. Coello Coello
      Pages 253-279
    6. Víctor Adrián Sosa Hernández, Adriana Lara, Heike Trautmann, Günter Rudolph, Oliver Schütze
      Pages 281-330
  5. Machine Learning and Real World Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 331-331
    2. Juan Villegas-Cortez, Carlos Avilés-Cruz, Josué Cirilo-Cruz, Arturo Zuñiga-López
      Pages 333-355
    3. Daniel Lanza, F. Chávez, Francisco Fernandez, M. Garcia-Valdez, Leonardo Trujillo, Gustavo Olague
      Pages 357-375
    4. Luis Gerardo de la Fraga, Ivick Guerra-Gomez, Esteban Tlelo-Cuautle
      Pages 377-389

About this book


This volume comprises a selection of works presented at the Numerical and Evolutionary Optimization (NEO) workshop held in September 2015 in Tijuana, Mexico. The development of powerful search and optimization techniques is of great importance in today’s world that requires researchers and practitioners to tackle a growing number of challenging real-world problems. In particular, there are two well-established and widely known fields that are commonly applied in this area: (i) traditional numerical optimization techniques and (ii) comparatively recent bio-inspired heuristics. Both paradigms have their unique strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to solve some challenging problems while still failing in others.

The goal of the NEO workshop series is to bring together people from these and related fields to discuss, compare and merge their complimentary perspectives in order to develop fast and reliable hybrid methods that maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of the underlying paradigms. Through this effort, we believe that the NEO can promote the development of new techniques that are applicable to a broader class of problems. Moreover, NEO fosters the understanding and adequate treatment of real-world problems particularly in emerging fields that affect us all such as health care, smart cities, big data, among many others. The extended papers the NEO 2015 that comprise this book make a contribution to this goal.


Computational Intelligence Numerical Optimization Evolutionary Optimization NEO 2015 Search and Optimization Techniques

Editors and affiliations

  • Oliver Schütze
    • 1
  • Leonardo Trujillo
    • 2
  • Pierrick Legrand
    • 3
  • Yazmin Maldonado
    • 4
  1. 1.Departamento de Comput Cinvestav-IPNMexicoMexico
  2. 2.Posgrado en Ciencias de la IngenieríaInstituto Tecnológico de TijuanaTijuanaMexico
  3. 3.Université de BordeauxBordeauxFrance
  4. 4.Posgrado en Ciencias de la IngenieríaInstituto Tecnológico de TijuanaTijuanaMexico

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