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The Transition from Capitalism

Marxist Perspectives

  • Saeed Rahnema

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About this book


Through a series of conversations with prominent theorists and leading political activists in different parts of the world, this book explores the causes of the setbacks of both the reformist and revolutionary strategies of the socialist Left. Addressing the larger questions around the agenda(s) of socialism in the era of globalization, the interviewees believe that capitalism is not sustainable in the long run, due largely to its inherent contradictions, and that a post-capitalist social world order is inevitable and attainable. Despite notable differences, what emerges from this collection of voices and perspectives is a unified call to mobilize and organize for radical change through engagement with the various social groups that could play instrumental roles in the transition beyond a capitalist social formation.


Karl Marx Marxism socialism post-capitalism radical social democracy Gilbert Achcar Aijaz Ahmad Rob Albriton Kevin Anderson Barbara Epstein Aron Etzler Sam Gindin Peter Hudis Ursula Huws Michael Lebowitz Leo Panitch Catherine Samary

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  • Saeed Rahnema
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About the editors

Saeed Rahnema teaches at York University, Canada. He was the Founding Director and award-winning Professor of York's School of Public Policy and Administration, served as a Director of the Middle East Economic Association, and as an Officer of the United Nations Development Programme. During the Iranian revolution of 1979, Rahnema was a leading activist in the Workers' Council movement.

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“A brilliant gateway to some of the salient discussions on the left, orienting the reader with a map of left theory and politics as they stand today… this book is an open debate, refreshing in the originality of the answers it provides to perennial questions.” (Onur Acaroglu, Marx and Philosophy,, April 05, 2019)