EPFL Lectures on Conformal Field Theory in D ≥ 3 Dimensions

  • Slava Rychkov

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About this book


This primer develops Conformal Field Theory (CFT) from scratch, whereby CFT is viewed as any conformally-invariant theory that describes a fixed point of a renormalization group flow in quantum field theory.

The book is divided into four lectures: Lecture 1 addresses the physical foundations of conformal invariance, while Lecture 2 examines the constraints imposed by conformal symmetry on the correlation functions of local operators, presented using the so-called projective null cone – a procedure also known as the embedding formalism. In turn, Lecture 3 focuses on the radial quantization and the operator product expansion, while Lecture 4 offers a very brief introduction to the conformal bootstrap.

Derived from course-based notes, these lectures are intended as a first point of entry to this topic for Master and PhD students alike.


CFT primer Conformal bootstrap Fixed point theories Conformal invariance Renormalization group flows

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