Discrete Probability Models and Methods

Probability on Graphs and Trees, Markov Chains and Random Fields, Entropy and Coding

  • Pierre Brémaud

Part of the Probability Theory and Stochastic Modelling book series (PTSM, volume 78)

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About this book


The emphasis in this book is placed on general models (Markov chains, random fields, random graphs), universal methods (the probabilistic method, the coupling method, the Stein-Chen method, martingale methods, the method of types) and versatile tools (Chernoff's bound, Hoeffding's inequality, Holley's inequality) whose domain of application extends far beyond the present text. Although the examples treated in the book relate to the possible applications, in the communication and computing sciences, in operations research and in physics, this book is in the first instance concerned with theory.

The level of the book is that of a beginning graduate course. It is self-contained, the prerequisites consisting merely of basic calculus (series) and basic linear algebra (matrices). The reader is not assumed to be trained in probability since the first chapters give in considerable detail the background necessary to understand the rest of the book. 


60J10, 68Q87, 68W20, 68W40, 05C80, 05C81, 60G60 60G42, 60C05, 60K05, 60J80, 60K15 probabilistic methods Markov chains random graphs random walks Boltzmann sampling probability on graphs coupling method discrete probabilty

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