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Radiation Safety

Management and Programs


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About this book


This book discusses important fundamentals of radiation safety with specific details on dose units, calculations, measuring, and biological effects of ionizing radiation. The author covers different exposure situations and their requirements, and relevant legislation and regulations governing radiation safety. The book also examines radioactive waste management, the transport of radioactive materials, emergency planning and preparedness and various examples of radiation protection programs for industrial, medical, and academic applications. 


ICRP ionizing radiation radiation protection radiation safety radioactive materials radioactive waste management

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  1. 1.Center for Radiological Protection and HygenieMiamiUSA

About the authors

Haydee Domenech has more than 40 years of Radiation Safety Expertise. She has worked at the Nuclear Research Institute, National Commission of Atomic Energy, Secretariat for Nuclear Affairs, and the Center for Radiological Protection and Hygiene in Havana, Cuba. She's experienced in development and implementation of Radiation Safety Programs, Health Physics consulting and auditing for irradiation facilities, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, biomedical research, industrial radiography, fixed gauge, and portable gauge, Radioactive Waste, Regulations, Licensing, Emergency Handling, Training, and Data Management for Radiation Protection.

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“Consisting of 17 chapters, this textbook covers radiation safety applied to a wide range of areas and uses of ionising radiation … . If you are looking for an up-to-date text that looks at the full sweep of areas to be covered by a radiation safety programme, then this title is for you. Similarly, if you want a modern reference textbook on radiation safety, particularly if you are involved in teaching, then you should consider purchasing this volume.” (Peter A. Hiles, RAD Magazine, July, 2017)

“The author intends this as a practical guide to a radiation safety program for a wide variety of professionals. … The book is most suitable for physicists or engineers who have never set up a radiation safety program. … the book provides good information on the general structure of a radiation safety program.” (Keith D. Brown, Doody’s Book Reviews, June, 2017)