Family Law and Society in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary Era

  • Maria Gigliola di Renzo Villata

Part of the Studies in the History of Law and Justice book series (SHLJ, volume 5)

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This volume addresses the study of family law and society in Europe, from medieval to contemporary ages. It examines the topic from a legal and social point of view. Furthermore, it investigates those aspects of the new family legal history that have not commonly been examined in depth by legal historians.

The volume provides a new 'global' interpretative key of the development of family law in Europe. It presents essays about family and the Christian influence, family and criminal law, family and civil liability, filiation (legitimate, natural and adopted children), and family and children labour law. In addition, it explores specific topics related to marriage, such as the matrimonial property regime from a European comparative perspective, and impediments to marriage, such as bigamy. The book also addresses topics including family, society and European juridical science.


Family law and Society in Europe Family Law and Cristian influence Adoption Between Ancien Régime and Codification Civil Courts and Child Labour (19th- early 20th century) Marriage Law-England (16th-17th century) Marriage Law-Women's Property- Florence (15th century) Impediments to Marriage: Bigamy (16th century) Adultery-Father's Rights (late ius commune) Infanticide (19th-20th century) Parental Civil Liability (19th-early 20th century) Paternity and Bastardy (19th century) Second Scholasticism Education of Children (19th-early 20th century) Marriage -Exclusion of Witnes Family Society and Juridical Science (early 20th century) Marriage Law- England (15th century)

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