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  2. Environmental Assessment: Development, References and Tools

  3. Landscape Integration in Spatial Planning: Two European Case Studies

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      Pages 45-45
    2. Fabio Cutaia
      Pages 47-63
    3. Fabio Cutaia
      Pages 65-88
  4. Evaluating Planning Effects on the Landscape

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      Pages 89-89
    2. Fabio Cutaia
      Pages 91-101
    3. Fabio Cutaia
      Pages 103-107
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About this book


This book explores the opportunities offered by Strategic Environmental Assessment in the context of guaranteeing the synchronized integration of landscape (in all its aspects) within urban plans, thereby helping to overcome the constraints of rigidly framed, sector-focused laws and a purely aesthetic concept of landscape. In pursuit of this goal, various scholars have previously attempted to construct arrays of indicators relating to the different conceptions of “landscape”. This book critically examines the most complete proposals of this nature, systematizing and comparing them and, finally, offering some guidelines with respect to their codification within specific application protocols. After opening chapters exploring the origins of the problem and analysing the European normative frame for Strategic Environmental Assessment, two case studies are described and discussed. A model is then presented for the evaluation of the effects of urban plans on landscape, including in cultural and perceptual terms. The author demonstrates that, when suitably employed, Strategic Environmental Assessment can indeed facilitate the integration of environmental, economic, and social sustainability into urban planning.


Strategic Environmental Assessment Landscape Assessment Landscape Indicators Environmental Indicators Landscape Transformation Management Regional Planning Environmental Risk Participative Planning

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