XVIII International Coal Preparation Congress

28 June—01 July 2016 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  • Vladimir Litvinenko

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxviii
  2. Resources of the Coal Industry and Their Features

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Gushchin Alexey Alexeyevich, Ermakov Anatoliy Yurjevich, Miroshnikov Alexander Mikhailovich
      Pages 17-22
    3. Vladimir Artemiev, Sergey Silyutin
      Pages 23-28
    4. Valentin A. Chanturia, Anatoly A. Lavrinenko, Anatoly P. Sorokin
      Pages 29-34
    5. G. L. Krasniansky
      Pages 35-40
    6. Helga Wittmers, Bayarmagnai Tsedenbaljir
      Pages 47-52
    7. Wiesław S. BLASCHKE, Józef SZAFARCZYK, Ireneusz BAIC, Zofia BLASCHKE, Lidia GAWLIK
      Pages 67-72
    8. B. Atkinson, A. Swanson
      Pages 73-78
  3. Coal Preparation Plants Design

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 85-85
    2. Antipenko Lina Alexandrovna, Ermakov Anatoliy Yurievich
      Pages 87-93
    3. Vadim A. Kozlov, Elena N. Chernysheva, Mikhail F. Pikalov
      Pages 95-99
    4. Aleksandr Danilovich Polulyakh, Andrey Sergeevich Buchatskiy, Sergey Aleksandrovich Vyrodov
      Pages 100-105
    5. W. Erasmus, F. Bornman, J. de Korte
      Pages 129-134
    6. C. Clarkson, C. Hillard
      Pages 147-153
    7. Peter Walsh, Brad Garraway, Phillip Enderby, Andrew Swanson
      Pages 155-162
    8. Li Minghui, Li Zhiyong, Xu Sheng, Yao Kaixuan
      Pages 175-180
  4. Use of Quality Control, Automation and Computer Technologies in Coal Processing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 181-181
    2. K. G. Venger, L. P. Myshlyaev, S. A. Fairushin, I. V. Dostovalova, G. P. Sazykin, S. F. Kisilev
      Pages 183-189
    3. Michael Evans, Zavalishin Dmitry
      Pages 205-222
    4. H. C. Dorland, Q. P. Campbell, M. Le Roux, K. McMillan, M. I. Dorland, P. Erasmus et al.
      Pages 249-254
    5. Jan V P Bachmann, Helge Wurst, Michael Cipold, Claus Bachmann
      Pages 255-260
    6. Michael P. Cipold, Pradyumn Kumar Shukla, Christian Autenrieth, Marvin Baral, Lukas Lihotzki
      Pages 261-266
    7. Albert Klein, Sven Reuter, Andy Zein
      Pages 267-272
    8. E. V. Tishchenko, A. V. Sadovoy, N. T. Tishchenko, B. D. Zhigaylo
      Pages 279-283
    9. Stanisław Cierpisz, Marek Kryca, Waldemar Sobierajski
      Pages 285-290
    10. M. O’Brien, B. Firth, P. Holtham, S. Hu, N. Scott, A. Burger
      Pages 297-302
    11. Gary Wain, Kevin Corcoran, Chris Knight, Neil Jenkinson
      Pages 303-308
  5. Analysis, Processing and Preparation of Coal Slimes and By-Products of Coal Preparation, Coal-Mining and Combustion

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 309-309
    2. J. B. Rubinstein, B. I. Linev
      Pages 311-315

About these proceedings


This book gathers technical and scientific articles by leading experts from 15 countries and originally presented at the world’s most prestigious forum on coal preparation: the XVIII International Coal Preparation Congress. Topics addressed include: the mineral resources basis of the coal industry; problems and prospects of development in the coal industry; crushing, grinding, screening and classification processes used at sorting plants; coal processing and briquette factories; review of plant designs and operations used around the world; new developments in dense-medium separators, water-based separation processes, froth flotation and dewatering; technologies and equipment for the dry separation of coal; coal deep processing technologies and equipment; energy generation as an area of coal deep processing; and simulation and optimization software for separation processes.
In general, the future of coal around the world is defined by its competitiveness. As the cheapest form of fuel (comparatively speaking), coal undoubtedly continues to be in high demand around the world.


Coal Preparation Mineral Resources Mining Processes Mining Technologies Mining Equipment

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  • Vladimir Litvinenko
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  1. 1.National Mineral Resources University (M Saint-Petersburg Mining UniversitySt. PetersburgRussia

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