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Surface Modified Carbons as Scavengers for Fluoride from Water

  • Venkataraman Sivasankar

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. André Darchen, Venkataraman Sivasankar
    Pages 1-4
  3. Venkataraman Sivasankar, André Darchen, Kiyoshi Omine, R. Sakthivel
    Pages 5-32
  4. André Darchen, Venkataraman Sivasankar, Mylsamy Prabhakaran, CH. Balavenkata Bharathi
    Pages 33-62
  5. André Darchen, Venkataraman Sivasankar, Toufik Chaabane, Mylsamy Prabhakaran
    Pages 63-92
  6. Solairajan Murugesh, Susrla Mahalakshmi, TG Sunitha, Venkataraman Sivasankar
    Pages 93-122
  7. Venkataraman Sivasankar, Solairajan Murugesh, Bhekie B. Mamba, Titus. A. M. Msagati
    Pages 123-146
  8. Solairajan Murugesh, T. A. M. Msagati, Venkataraman Sivasankar, R. Hariharan
    Pages 147-178
  9. Solairajan Murugesh, Kiyoshi Omine, André Darchen, Venkataraman Sivasankar
    Pages 179-186
  10. Venkataraman Sivasankar, André Darchen, Toufik Chaabane
    Pages 187-196
  11. André Darchen, Venkataraman Sivasankar, Bhekie B. Mamba, R. Narayanasamy
    Pages 197-210
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 215-223

About this book


This book discusses the problems and feasible remediation of fluoride contamination in groundwater. The book investigates applications of various carbons derived from bio-mass and bio-polymers.  It also inquires into surface modified carbons that use inorganic ions to help remove excess fluoride ions in drinking water and wastewater effluents. The compliance of kinetic and isotherm models with fluoride sorption is covered, and the suggested mechanisms of defluoridation by surface modified carbon materials is described.


Carbonaceous materials Defluoridation of Potable Water Fluoride removal from water Fluoride scavenging Fluorine and the environment Green Chemistry and Water

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  • Venkataraman Sivasankar
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  1. 1.Research Department of ChemistryPachaiyappa’s CollegeChennaiIndia

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Dr. Venkataramann Sivasankar is an Assistant Professor at Pachaiyappa College in Chennai, India. 

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