Visualizing the Palestinian Struggle

Towards a Critical Analytic of Palestine Solidarity Film

  • Terri Ginsberg

Part of the Global Cinema book series (GLOBALCINE)

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  8. Interlude B – Causes and Effects

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  9. Interlude A – The Global Indignenous

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About this book


This book offers a much-needed focus on Palestine solidarity films, supplying a critical theoretical framework whose intellectual thrust is rooted in the challenges facing scholars censored for attempting to rectify and reverse the silencing of a subject matter about which much of the world would remain uninformed without cinematic and televisual mediation. Its innovative focus on Palestine solidarity films spans a selected array of works which began to emerge during the 1970s, made by directors located outside Palestine/Israel who professed support for Palestinian liberation. Visualizing the Palestinian Struggle analyzes Palestinian solidarity films hailing from countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Iran, Palestine/Israel, Mexico, and the United States. Visualizing the Palestinian Struggle is an effort to insist, constructively, upon a rectification and reversal of the glaring and disproportionate minimization and distortion of discourse critical of Zionism and Israeli policy in the cinematic and televisual public sphere.


Palestinian Cinema Middle Eastern and Arab Cinema Transnationalism Solidarity Film Palestinian–Israeli Conflict Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

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