New Directions for Catholic Social and Political Research

Humanity vs. Hyper-Modernity

  • Guido Giacomo Preparata

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This book offers scholars who ground their research in compassion and pacifism a new framework for the socio-political analysis of current global events. By tackling a broad range of critical themes in various disciplines, the essays compose a critical narrative of the ways in which power and violence shape society, culture, and belief. In addition to the contemporary dynamics of international economics, political murder, and the rhetorical antagonism between Christianity and Islam, the book addresses cultural strife in the West, the societal effects of neoconservative hegemony in the United States and the world, and the overall question of religious credence in connection with political action. All such topics are discussed with a view toward providing solutions and policies that are informed by a comprehensive desire to resist violence and war, on the one hand, and to foment cohesion and harmony at the community level, on the other. 


Reformist Modernity Catholic Protestant Rene Girard

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  • Guido Giacomo Preparata
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  1. 1.Pontifical Gregorian University RomeItaly

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