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Research and Development in Art, Design and Creativity


  • Provides a concise introduction to research and development within the creative arts

  • Explores how technology can benefit the arts and its creative processes

  • Introduces effective research and development strategies for practitioners within art, design and their associated fields


Part of the SpringerBriefs in Computer Science book series (BRIEFSCOMPUTER)

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This book details how research and development in art and design can be formulated, progressed, measured, and reviewed.  It explores the challenges of interdisciplinary research and highlights its importance and significance for the future of research in art and design and its relationship to science and technology.

The author looks at how creative processes and ideas are devised and how technology and its applications are changing these processes and the way in which research is developed and advanced. The use of digital environments in art and design, and the application of new frameworks, tools, and opportunities for the expression of new ideas and design are discussed.   

Research and Development in Art, Design and Creativity is an essential read for anyone interested in the concept of collaboration and communication and how this applies to art and its creation.   


Research Metrics Creative Processes Digital Environments Practice-led Research Research Quality Models for Research

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  1. 1.Centre for Visual Computing, Faculty of Engineering and InformaticsUniversity of BradfordBradfordUnited Kingdom

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