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Numerical Modeling of Sea Waves


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About this book


Presenting a novel approach to wave theory, this book applies mathematical modeling to the investigation of sea waves. It presents problems, solutions and methods, and explores issues such as statistical properties of sea waves, generation of turbulence, Benjamin-Feir instability and the development of wave fields under the action of wind. Special attention is paid to the processes of dynamic wind-wave interaction, the formation of freak waves, as well as the role that sea waves play in the dynamic ocean/atmosphere system. It presents theoretical results which are followed by a description of the algorithms used in the development of wave forecasting models, and provides illustrations to assist understanding of the various models presented. This book provides an invaluable resource to oceanographers, specialists in fluid dynamics and advanced students interested in investigation of the widely known but poorly investigated phenomenon of sea waves.


Benjamin-Feir instability Dynamic wind-wave interaction Equation of potential motion with a free surface Fluid dynamics sea waves Formation of extreme waves Formation of freak waves Generation of turbulence Instabilities leading to wave breaking Investigation of sea waves Mathematical modeling to the investigation of sea waves Numerical modeling of sea waves Numerical simulation of wave dynamics Oceanographers modeling of sea waves Sea wave investigation Statistical properties of sea waves Wave forecasting models Wind-wave interaction

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  1. 1.Russian Academy of ScienceP.P. Shirshov Inst of OceanographySaint-PetersburgRussia

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Dmitry Chalikov is a universal professional with more then 30 years of research experience in oceanography, meteorology, computational and geophysical fluid mechanics, mathematics, numerical methods. He also carries out formulation of problems, planning of laboratory and field experiments, theory, design, implementation, end-to-end programming (including programming for multiprocessors computers), comparison of simulated and observational data, development and maintenance of large models, leaderships and training of research groups, preparation of proposals and reports, publishing and presentation of the results in scientific conferences, teaching and coordination between education and research.

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