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Rules for Scientific Research in Economics

The Alpha-Beta Method


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About this book


The new research method presented in this book ensures that all economic theories are falsifiable and that irrefutable theories are scientifically sound. Figueroa combines the logically consistent aspects of Popperian and process epistemologies in his alpha-beta method to address the widespread problem of too-general empirical research methods used in economics. He argues that scientific rules can be applied to economics to make sense of society, but that they must address the complexity of reality as well as the simplicity of the abstract on which hard sciences can rely. Furthermore, because the alpha-beta method combines approaches to address the difficulties of scientifically analyzing complex society, it also extends to other social sciences that have historically relied on empirical methods. This groundbreaking Pivot is ideal for students and researchers dedicated to promoting the progress of scientific research in all social sciences.


epistemology Popperian epistemology Nicholas Georgescu-Rogen falsification scientific method research methods economc process Georgescu-Rogen epistemology

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Adolfo Figueroa is Professor Emeritus of Economics of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. He has taught and participated in collaborative research in American and British universities. He received his PhD in Economics from Vanderbilt University, USA in 1972. He studied there under the influence and guidance of Professor Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, the famous bio-economist. 

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