Mathematical and Computational Approaches in Advancing Modern Science and Engineering

  • Jacques Bélair
  • Ian A. Frigaard
  • Herb Kunze
  • Roman Makarov
  • Roderick Melnik
  • Raymond J. Spiteri
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Theory and Applications of Mathematical Models in Physical and Chemical Sciences

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Ceni Babaoglu, Irma Hacinliyan
      Pages 27-33
    3. Dmitriy Chebanov, Natalia Mosina, Jose Salas
      Pages 59-69
    4. Masoud Darbandi, Majid Ghafourizadeh, Mahmud Ashrafizaadeh
      Pages 89-99
    5. Erik I. Verriest
      Pages 153-164
  3. Mathematical and Computational Methods in Life Sciences and Medicine

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 165-165
    2. Ephraim Agyingi, Tamas Wiandt, Sophia Maggelakis
      Pages 167-175
    3. Safia Athar, Monica Gabriela Cojocaru
      Pages 177-187
    4. D. Evans, C. Drapaca, J. P. Cusumano
      Pages 223-232
    5. Benjamin A. Fraser, Mark P. Wachowiak, Renata Wachowiak-Smolíková
      Pages 233-243
    6. A. Najafi-Nejad-Nasser, S. S. Li, C. N. Mulligan
      Pages 277-287
    7. Kazeem O. Okosun, Robert Smith
      Pages 289-298
    8. Marianne Waito, Scott R. Walsh, Alexandra Rasiuk, Byram W. Bridle, Allan R. Willms
      Pages 331-339
  4. Computational Engineering and Mathematical Foundation, Numerical Methods and Algorithms

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 353-353
    2. Mohamad S. Alwan, Humeyra Kiyak, Xinzhi Liu
      Pages 355-365
    3. Mohamad S. Alwan, Xinzhi Liu, Taghreed G. Sugati
      Pages 379-388
    4. Masoud Darbandi, Bagher Abrar, Gerry E. Schneider
      Pages 389-399
    5. Seyedali Sabzpoushan, Masoud Darbandi, Mohsen Mohammadi, Gerry E. Schneider
      Pages 401-411
    6. Elham Mirshekari, Raymond J. Spiteri
      Pages 447-457
    7. S. Hossein Musavi, Mahmud Ashrafizaadeh
      Pages 469-480
    8. K. Lee Slew, M. Miller, A. Fereidooni, P. Tawagi, G. El-Hage, M. Hou et al.
      Pages 493-503
    9. Hao Wu, Paul Laffay, Alexandre Idier, Prateek Jaiswal, Marlène Sanjosé, Stéphane Moreau
      Pages 505-515

About these proceedings


Focusing on five main groups of interdisciplinary problems, this book covers a wide range of topics in mathematical modeling, computational science and applied mathematics. It presents a wealth of new results in the development of modeling theories and methods, advancing diverse areas of applications and promoting interdisciplinary interactions between mathematicians, scientists, engineers and representatives from other disciplines.

The book offers a valuable source of methods, ideas, and tools developed for a variety of disciplines, including the natural and social sciences, medicine, engineering, and technology. Original results are presented on both the fundamental and applied level, accompanied by an ample number of real-world problems and examples emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature and universality of mathematical modeling, and providing an excellent outline of today’s challenges. Mathematical modeling, with applied and computational methods and tools, plays a fundamental role in modern science and engineering. It provides a primary and ubiquitous tool in the context making new discoveries, as well as in the development of new theories and techniques for solving key problems arising in scientific and engineering applications.

The contributions, which are the product of two highly successful meetings held jointly in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on the main campus of Wilfrid Laurier University in June 2015, i.e. the International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science, and the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics (CAIMS), make the book a valuable resource for any reader interested in a broader overview of the methods, ideas and tools involved in mathematical and computational approaches developed for other disciplines, including the natural and social sciences, engineering and technology. 


Interdisciplinary topics advanced applications computational science and engineering mathematical modeling, modern challenges in science and engineering

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  • Jacques Bélair
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  • Ian A. Frigaard
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  • Herb Kunze
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  • Roman Makarov
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  • Roderick Melnik
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  • Raymond J. Spiteri
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