The 1940 Vrancea Earthquake. Issues, Insights and Lessons Learnt

Proceedings of the Symposium Commemorating 75 Years from November 10, 1940 Vrancea Earthquake

  • Radu Vacareanu
  • Constantin Ionescu
Conference proceedings

Part of the Springer Natural Hazards book series (SPRINGERNAT)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Effects and Lessons from November 10th, 1940 Vrancea Earthquake

  3. Seismicity of Romania. Seismic Hazard Assessment; Local Soil Conditions Effect

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 129-129
    2. Elena-Andreea Călăraşu, Cristian Arion, Cristian Neagu
      Pages 151-168
    3. Andreea Craiu, Mihail Diaconescu, Marius Craiu, Alexandru Marmureanu, Constantin Ionescu
      Pages 189-203
    4. Mihaela Kouteva-Guentcheva, Krasimir Boshnakov
      Pages 205-219
    5. Florin Pavel, Daniel Ciuiu, Radu Vacareanu
      Pages 221-233
    6. Emilia Popescu, Mircea Radulian, Anica Otilia Placinta
      Pages 235-252
    7. Mihaela Popa, Eugen Oros, Corneliu Dinu, Mircea Radulian, Felix Borleanu, Maria Rogozea et al.
      Pages 253-265
    8. Maria Rogozea, Mircea Radulian, Mihaela Popa, Daniel Nistor Paulescu, Eugen Oros, Cristian Neagoe
      Pages 267-283
  4. Structural Design in Seismic Areas; Performance-Based Design

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 315-315
    2. Mircea Bârnaure, Ana Maria Ghiţă, Daniel Nicolae Stoica
      Pages 319-331
    3. Eugen Lozincă, Viorel Popa, Dragoș Coțofană, Alexandru Basarab Cheșcă
      Pages 351-361
  5. Seismic Evaluation and Rehabilitation. Seismic Risk Assessment

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 393-393
    2. Carmen Ortanza Cioflan, Mihail Iancovici
      Pages 395-398
    3. Vasile Alcaz, Eugen Isicico, Victoria Ghinsari, Sergiu Troian
      Pages 399-409
    4. Mihai Budescu, Lucian Soveja, Ioana Olteanu
      Pages 411-424
    5. Carmen Ortanza Cioflan, Dragos Toma-Danila, Elena Florinela Manea
      Pages 425-439
    6. Mircea Mironescu, Adrian Mircea Stănescu, Teodor Brotea, Radu Florin Comănescu, Daniel Dumitru Purdea, Mircea V. Stănescu
      Pages 451-462
    7. Paul Olteanu, Veronica Coliba, Radu Vacareanu, Florin Pavel, Daniel Ciuiu
      Pages 463-479
    8. Dragos Toma-Danila, Iuliana Armas, Carmen Ortanza Cioflan
      Pages 481-496
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 497-521

About these proceedings


These proceedings include most of the available information on this major seismic event and its consequences. With an estimated moment magnitude of 7.7 and a heavy toll in terms of human and economic losses, it ranks as the largest intermediate-depth earthquake in Europe in the twentieth century. Nevertheless, because of the difficult conditions in the 1940s, the lessons learnt after the Vrancea earthquake were not extensively shared with the international scientific community and thus, this book fills a gap in the literature discussing the knowledge acquired after major disasters.

Past experience together with current understanding of the 1940 Vrancea earthquake are presented along with the latest information on Romanian seismicity, seismic hazard and risk assessment, and seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of buildings and structures. Moreover, it includes excerpts from Romanian post-disaster reports and textbooks concerning the earthquake.


Earthquakes in Romania 1940 Vrancea Earthquake Seismic Hazard Risk Assessment Seismic Rehabilitation

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  • Radu Vacareanu
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  • Constantin Ionescu
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  1. 1.Engg of BucharestTechnical Univ of CivilBucharestRomania
  2. 2.National Institute for Earth PhysicsMagureleRomania

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