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Ecology and Conservation of Mountaintop grasslands in Brazil

  • Geraldo Wilson Fernandes

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Foreword

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-2
    2. G. Wilson Fernandes
      Pages 3-14
    3. Carlos E.G.R. Schaefer, Guilherme R. Corrêa, Hugo G. Candido, Daniel M. Arruda, Jaquelina A. Nunes, Raphael W. Araujo et al.
      Pages 15-53
    4. Carlos E. Schaefer, Hugo G. Cândido, Guilherme Resende Corrêa, Jaquelina A. Nunes, Daniel M. Arruda
      Pages 55-69
    5. Lucas Teixeira Ferrari, Carlos Ernesto Gonçalves Reynaud Schaefer, Raphael Bragança Alves Fernandes, Bruno Araújo Furtado Mendonça, Davi Feital Gjorup, Guilherme Resende Corrêa et al.
      Pages 71-85
    6. Marcos Callisto, José Francisco Gonçalves, Raphael Ligeiro
      Pages 87-102
  3. Foreword

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 103-104
    2. Abel A. Conceição, Alessandro Rapini, Flávio F. do Carmo, Juliana C. Brito, Gabriela A. Silva, Sâmia P. S. Neves et al.
      Pages 105-127
    3. Marcel S. Coelho, G. Wilson Fernandes, Priscila Pacheco, Victor Diniz, Alline Meireles, Rubens M. dos Santos et al.
      Pages 129-156
    4. Yumi Oki, Bruno Tomio Goto, Khadija Jobim, Luiz Henrique Rosa, Mariana Costa Ferreira, Etiene Silva Coutinho et al.
      Pages 157-179
    5. Abel A. Conceição, José R. Pirani
      Pages 181-206
    6. Flávia Peres Nunes, Roberta L. C. Dayrell, Fernando A. O. Silveira, Daniel Negreiros, Denise Garcia de Santana, Fabio Janoni Carvalho et al.
      Pages 207-225
    7. Rafael S. Oliveira, Anna Abrahão, Caio Pereira, Grazielle S. Teodoro, Mauro Brum, Suzana Alcantara et al.
      Pages 227-272
  4. Foreword

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 273-274
    2. Nathália Miranda Walter Bretas Rocha, Daniel Wisbech Carstensen, G. Wilson Fernandes, Soizig Le Stradic, Elise Buisson, Leonor Patrícia Cerdeira Morellato
      Pages 275-289
    3. Tadeu J. Guerra, Daniel W. Carstensen, Leonor Patricia Cerdeira Morellato, Fernando A. O. Silveira, Fernanda V. Costa
      Pages 291-314
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      Pages 345-377
    6. Carlos Ernesto G. R. Schaefer, Alessandra Marins, Guilherme Resende Corrêa, Og deSouza, Jaquelina Alves Nunes
      Pages 379-391

About this book


This book is a pioneer attempt to bring forward the first synthesis on the most diverse and threatened mountain top vegetation of South America, the rupestrian grasslands.  It brings to light the state of the art information on this ecosystem geology, soil formation and distribution, environmental filters that lead to biodiversity, species interactions and their fine tuned adaptations to survive the harsh mountain environment.  The human dimensions of the rupestrian grassland are also addressed, including the anthropogenic threats that may irreversibly impact biodiversity and ecosystem services. The book also highlights the ongoing studies on ecological restoration and first attempt to model the impacts of climate change on its speciose biota.


Biodiversity Harsh Environments Insects Tropical Conservation Biology Tropical Ecology

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  • Geraldo Wilson Fernandes
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  1. 1.Biologia GeralUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraiBelo HorizonteBrazil

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Prof Geraldo Wilson Fernandes, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 

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