Models, Algorithms and Technologies for Network Analysis

NET 2014, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, May 2014

  • Valery A. Kalyagin
  • Petr A. Koldanov
  • Panos M. Pardalos
Conference proceedings NET 2014

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 156)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Optimization in Networks

  3. Network Data Mining

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 125-125
    2. Hongwei Du, Weili Wu, Lei Cui, Ding-Zhu Du
      Pages 127-133
    3. Maxim Kazakov, Valery A. Kalyagin
      Pages 135-156
    4. Anastasia Komissarova, Petr Koldanov
      Pages 157-163
    5. Dmitry E. Mozokhin, Alexander P. Koldanov
      Pages 183-196
    6. Ioannis Pappas, Gianluca Del Rossi, John Lloyd, Joseph Gutmann, James Sackellares, Panos M. Pardalos
      Pages 197-208
    7. Ksenia G. Shipova, Andrey V. Savchenko
      Pages 209-216
    8. Kristina Sörensen, Panos M. Pardalos
      Pages 217-246
  4. Economics and Other Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 247-247
    2. Elena Andreeva, Tatiana Poletaeva, Habib Abdulrab, Eduard Babkin
      Pages 249-265
    3. Fuad Aleskerov, Irina Andrievskaya, Elena Permjakova
      Pages 267-280
    4. N. V. Aseeva, E. M. Gromov, T. V. Nasedkina, I. V. Onosova, V. V. Tyutin
      Pages 281-289
    5. Vladimir Matveenko, Alexei Korolev
      Pages 291-331
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 333-340

About these proceedings


The contributions in this volume cover a broad range of topics including maximum cliques, graph coloring, data mining, brain networks, Steiner forest, logistic and supply chain networks. Network algorithms and their applications to market graphs, manufacturing problems, internet networks and social networks are highlighted. The "Fourth International Conference in Network Analysis," held at the Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod in May 2014, initiated joint research between scientists, engineers and researchers from academia, industry and government; the major results of conference participants have been reviewed and collected in this Work. Researchers and students in mathematics, economics, statistics, computer science and engineering will find this collection a valuable resource filled with the latest research in network analysis.


Complex networks Steiner forest coloring problem heuristics maximum cliques network analysis

Editors and affiliations

  • Valery A. Kalyagin
    • 1
  • Petr A. Koldanov
    • 2
  • Panos M. Pardalos
    • 3
  1. 1.Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Network Analysis (LATNA)National Research University Higher School of EconomicsNizhny NovgorodRussia
  2. 2.Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Network Analysis (LATNA)National Research University Higher School of EconomicsNizhny NovgorodRussia
  3. 3.Department of Industrial and System EngineeringCenter for Applied Optimization University of FloridaGainesvilleUSA

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