Handbook of Consumer Finance Research

  • Jing Jian Xiao

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Concept and Theories of Consumer Finance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. John E. Grable
      Pages 19-31
    3. Sherman D. Hanna, Kyoung Tae Kim, Samuel Cheng-Chung Chen
      Pages 33-43
    4. Suzanne Bartholomae, Jonathan J. Fox
      Pages 45-59
    5. Clinton G. Gudmunson, Sara K. Ray, Jing Jian Xiao
      Pages 61-72
    6. Kristy L. Archuleta, Sonya L. Britt, Bradley T. Klontz
      Pages 73-82
    7. Lucy M. Delgadillo
      Pages 83-91
    8. J. Michael Collins, Peggy Olive
      Pages 93-102
    9. Chris Browning, Michael S. Finke
      Pages 103-114
    10. Margaret S. Sherraden, Jodi Jacobson Frey, Julie Birkenmaier
      Pages 115-127
  3. Consumer Finances of Special Populations

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 129-129
    2. William B. Walstad, Ashley Tharayil, Jamie Wagner
      Pages 131-140
    3. Brenda J. Cude, Donna Danns, M. J. Kabaci
      Pages 141-153
    4. Sharon A. DeVaney
      Pages 155-166
    5. Robert B. Nielsen, Cynthia Needles Fletcher, Suzanne Bartholomae
      Pages 167-178
    6. Sharon M. Danes, George W. Haynes, Deborah C. Haynes
      Pages 179-193
    7. Cäzilia Loibl, Tahira K. Hira
      Pages 195-203
    8. Nilton Porto
      Pages 205-214
    9. Sophia T. Anong
      Pages 215-224
    10. Jinhee Kim
      Pages 239-249
    11. Mary Bell Carlson, Jeffrey S. Nelson, William L. Skimmyhorn
      Pages 251-264
  4. Consumer Finance in Various Settings

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 265-265
    2. Deanna L. Sharpe
      Pages 267-280
    3. Jeffrey P. Dew
      Pages 281-290
    4. Joyce Serido, Veronica Deenanath
      Pages 291-300
    5. David A. Lander
      Pages 301-313
    6. Levi N. Pace, Jean M. Lown
      Pages 315-326
    7. Benjamin F. Cummings, Michael A. Guillemette
      Pages 327-337
    8. Yi Cai, Brenda J. Cude
      Pages 339-355
  5. Brenda J. Cude, Donna Danns, M. J. Kabaci
    Pages E1-E1
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 367-376

About this book


This Second Edition of the authoritative resource summarizes the state of consumer finance research across disciplines for expert findings on—and strategies for enhancing—consumers’ economic health. New and revised chapters offer current research insights into familiar concepts (retirement saving, bankruptcy, marriage and finance) as well as the latest findings in emerging areas, including healthcare costs, online shopping, financial therapy, and the neuroscience behind buyer behavior. The expanded coverage also reviews economic challenges of diverse populations such as ethnic groups, youth, older adults, and entrepreneurs, reflecting the ubiquity of monetary issues and concerns. Underlying all chapters is the increasing importance of financial literacy training and other large-scale interventions in an era of economic transition.

Among the topics covered: 

  • Consumer financial capability and well-being.
  • Advancing financial literacy education using a framework for evaluation.
  • Financial coaching: defining an emerging field.
  • Consumer finance of low-income families.
  • Financial parenting: promoting financial self-reliance of young consumers.
  • Financial sustainability and personal finance education. 

Accessibly written for researchers and practitioners, this Second Edition of the Handbook of Consumer Finance Research will interest professionals involved in improving consumers’ fiscal competence. It also makes a worthwhile text for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in economics, family and consumer studies, and related fields.





Consumer Psychology Consumer Science Financial Literacy Financial Behaviors Financial Health of Households Consumer Well-being Risk Tolerance Financial Therapy Financial Counseling Financial Planning Financial Social Work Financial Issues and Marriage Personal Finance Education

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  • Jing Jian Xiao
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  1. 1.Univ of Rhode Island, Transition CenterDepartment of Human Development and Family Studies,KingstonUSA

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