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Organic Transistor Devices for In Vitro Electrophysiological Applications


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About this book


This thesis reports on the Micro OCMFET Array, a novel, reference-less

system for extracellular recordings of action potentials. The book 

provides readers with a full description of the system, together with an

extensive report of the successful experimental trials carried out on both

cardiac and nerve cells. Moreover, it offers a concise yet comprehensive

overview of both bioelectronic interfaces, such as Micro Electrode Arrays

(MEAs) and Field Effect Devices (FEDs), and organic sensors for electro-

physiological applications, including Organic Charge-Modulated FETs

(OCMFET), Electrolyte-Gated Organic FETs (EGOFETs), and Organic

Electrochemical Transistors (OECTs).


Organic Bioelectronics Neuronal Electrophysiology Organic Field Effect Transistors Micro OCMFET Reference-less Biosensors Organic Transistors for Neuroengineering Electrogenic Cells Low-cost Biosensors Biosensors for Extracellular Recordings Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs)

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