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The Stress Response of Critical Illness: Metabolic and Hormonal Aspects

  • Jean-Charles Preiser


  • Provides both basic data and clinical applications for a translational approach

  • Enables readers to prioritize future research

  • Offers guidance for the metabolic and nutritional management of the critically ill


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Jean-Charles Preiser
    Pages 1-2
  3. Metabolic Changes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 3-3
    2. Jean-Charles Preiser, Carole Ichai, A. B. Johan Groeneveld
      Pages 5-18
    3. Christophe Faisy
      Pages 19-26
    4. Jonathan Grip, Nicolas Tardif, Olav Rooyackers
      Pages 27-43
    5. Jean-Paul Thissen
      Pages 45-60
    6. Philip C. Calder, Pierre Singer
      Pages 61-74
    7. Jean-Charles Preiser, Aurélie Thooft, Rafael Machado Tironi
      Pages 89-94
    8. Åke Norberg, Felix Liebau, Jan Wernerman
      Pages 95-106
    9. Mette M. Berger
      Pages 107-122
  4. Hormonal Regulation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 123-123
    2. Lies Langouche, Greet Van den Berghe
      Pages 125-136
    3. Paul E. Marik
      Pages 137-152
    4. Mark P. Plummer, Annika Reintam Blaser, Adam M. Deane
      Pages 153-168
    5. Katherine Robinson, John Prins, Bala Venkatesh
      Pages 169-183
  5. Particular Clinical Situations

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 185-185
    2. Pierre Singer, Jonathan Cohen
      Pages 187-195
    3. Hervé Quintard, Carole Ichai, Jean-Francois Payen
      Pages 197-206

About this book


This book demonstrates how the latest insights into the physiopathology of the stress response can be integrated into clinical practice. The topic is particularly relevant since the metabolic changes triggered by acute stress, including adaptive responses such as resistance to anabolic signals, have recently been more precisely delineated. The underlying mechanisms of these changes are also now better understood. The authors analyse how these advances could result in better management and more effective prevention of the long-term clinical consequences of the alterations occurring during the acute phase. An international panel of respected experts discusses these topics and describes the management of some common clinical conditions.


Acute stress Anesthesiology Endocrine response Intensive care medicine Translational research

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  • Jean-Charles Preiser
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  1. 1.BrusselsBelgium

About the editors

Jean-Charles Preiser is currently Professor at the Department of Intensive Care of the Erasme University Hospital in Brussels. He has a long-lasting involvement in clinical research, in relation with the metabolic and nutritional aspects of critical illness. He published about 200 peer-reviewed articles, guidelines and book chapters. He is currently the associate editor of the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN), Critical Care and The Annals of Intensive Care and is actually involved in international and national education programs on nutrition.

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“The last decade has seen dramatic evolution in our understanding of the metabolic response to critical illness and its management. This book provides a summary of this work. Senior trainees in critical care or practitioners in high acuity units are an appropriate audience for this book, written by authors from Europe and North America. … This is a worthy summary of the recent work in metabolic and endocrine response to various insults.” (David J. Dries, Doody’s Book Reviews, July, 2016)