Regenerative Medicine - from Protocol to Patient

1. Biology of Tissue Regeneration

  • Gustav Steinhoff

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Zygmunt Mackiewicz, Yrjö Tapio Konttinen, Emilia Kaivosoja, Vasily Stegajev, Hanoch Daniel Wagner, Jaakko Levón et al.
    Pages 1-55
  3. Chenhui Wang, Jun Chen, Pei Wen, Pei Sun, Rongwen Xi
    Pages 57-85
  4. Rita Sousa-Nunes, Frank Hirth
    Pages 87-121
  5. Fumitaka Osakada, Masayo Takahashi
    Pages 123-149
  6. Marijn Schouten, Nik Papaloukas, Pascal Bielefeld, Silvina A. Fratantoni, Carlos P. Fitzsimons
    Pages 151-173
  7. Johanna E. Farkas, Piril Erler, Polina D. Freitas, Alexandra E. Sweeney, James R. Monaghan
    Pages 223-247
  8. Shu Meng, Palas Chanda, John P. Cooke
    Pages 291-305
  9. Chi-Chung Wu, Gilbert Weidinger
    Pages 307-337
  10. Elizabeth D. Hutchins, Kenro Kusumi
    Pages 339-363
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 365-373

About this book


Regenerative medicine is the main field of groundbreaking medical development and therapy using knowledge from developmental and stem cell biology, as well as advanced molecular and cellular techniques. This collection of volumes on Regenerative Medicine: From Protocol to Patient, aims to explain the scientific knowledge and emerging technology, as well as the clinical application in different organ systems and diseases. International leading experts from all over the world describe the latest scientific and clinical knowledge of the field of regenerative medicine. The process of translating science of laboratory protocols into therapies is explained in sections on regulatory, ethical and industrial issues. This collection is organized into five volumes: (1) Biology of Tissue Regeneration, (2) Stem Cell Science and Technology, (3) Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials and Nanotechnology, (4) Regenerative Therapies I, and (5) Regenerative Therapies II. The textbook gives the student, the researcher, the health care professional,  the physician and the patient a complete survey on the current scientific basis, therapeutical protocols, clinical translation and practiced therapies in regenerative medicine.

Volume 1 contains eleven chapters addressing the latest basic science knowledge on the “Biology of Tissue Regeneration”. The principles of cell regeneration control by extracellular matrix and the biology of stem cell niches are explained. Depicted are the principles of molecular mechanisms controlling asymmetric cell division, stem cell differentiation, developmental and regenerative biology, epigenetic and genetic control as well as mathematical modelling for cell fate prediction. Regenerative biology of stem cells in the central nervous and cardiovascular systems leading to complex tissue regeneration in the model species axolotl and zebrafish, as well as the impact of immune signalling on nuclear reprogramming are outlined. These up to date accounts  gives the readers advanced insights into the biological principles of the regenerative processes in stem cells, tissues and organisms.



Ethics Regenerative Medicine Regenerative Therapies Stem Cells Tissue Regeneration

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