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Introduction to Peak Oil


  • Offers a concise "textbook-like" approach with many graphs and tables to support explanations in the text

  • Covers the topic comprehensively, including the fundamental drivers of peak oil and the often-overlooked counter-arguments

  • Draws heavily on oil industry proved-plus-probable (‘2P’) data

  • Explains why fracking for tight oil is not a game changer

  • Reflects 20 years of close involvement with the topic of peak oil, including many conversations with governments, industry, and key individual players


Part of the Lecture Notes in Energy book series (LNEN, volume 34)

Table of contents

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About this book


This book examines the physical and economic characteristics of the global oil resource to explain why peak oil has been so poorly understood. The author draws on information held in oil industry datasets that are not widely available outside of the specialist literature, and describes a number of methods that have been successfully used to predict oil peaks. In contrast to the widely-held view that ‘all oil forecasts are wrong’, these methods correctly predicted the current peak in global conventional oil production. Current oil forecasts are then compared to evaluate the expected dates for regional and global oil peaks for conventional oil, all-oils, and all-liquids. The dates of global peaks in the production of all-oil and all-liquids appear to be reasonably soon, while the oil price that is needed to support these global production levels continues to rise. The world faces serious constraints in its oil supply, which accounts for about one-third of total world energy use, and over 90% of the fuel used for transportation. Readers of this book will gain a thorough understanding of the critical, but poorly understood, phenomenon of peak oil that has already had significant impacts on society in terms of high oil prices, and which will place increasing constraints on mankind’s supply of energy and economic well-being in the coming years.


Fracking and Oil Prices Fracking and Oil Supplies Natural Resource Limits Oil Net Energy Oil Production and Oil Prices Peak Oil Forecast Peak Oil Price Predictions Peak Oil and Economic Growth Shale Oil and Oil Prices Shale Oil and Oil Supplies Textboom Peak Oil Transportation Fuels

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