High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering ´15

Transactions of the High Performance Computing Center, Stuttgart (HLRS) 2015

  • Wolfgang E. Nagel
  • Dietmar H. Kröner
  • Michael M. Resch

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Physics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-4
    2. Alexander Kurz, Peter Marquard, Matthias Steinhauser
      Pages 15-21
    3. Ofir E. Alon, Vanderlei S. Bagnato, Raphael Beinke, Ioannis Brouzos, Tommaso Calarco, Tommaso Caneva et al.
      Pages 23-49
    4. B. M. McLaughlin, C. P. Ballance, M. S. Pindzola, S. Schippers, A. Müller
      Pages 51-74
    5. Antonia Statt, Fabian Schmitz, Peter Virnau, Kurt Binder
      Pages 75-87
    6. Jiajia Zhou, Friederike Schmid
      Pages 89-99
    7. Konrad Breitsprecher, Narayanan Krishnamoorthy Anand, Jens Smiatek, Christian Holm
      Pages 101-117
    8. Stefan Gottlöber, Chris Brook, Ilian T. Iliev, Keri L. Dixon
      Pages 119-134
  3. Molecules, Interfaces, and Solids

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 135-137
    2. Michael Walz, Alexei Bagrets, Ferdinand Evers, Ivan Kondov
      Pages 139-154
    3. A. Lücke, U. Gerstmann, S. Sanna, M. Landmann, A. Riefer, M. Rohrmüller et al.
      Pages 155-170
    4. Marco Arrigoni, Eugene A. Kotomin, Joachim Maier
      Pages 187-198
    5. Phil Rosenow, Andreas Stegmüller, Josua Pecher, Ralf Tonner
      Pages 199-213
    6. Pedro A. Sánchez, Jens Smiatek, Baofu Qiao, Marcello Sega, Christian Holm
      Pages 215-228
    7. Miriam Wollenhaupt, Martin Zoloff, Dominik Marx
      Pages 229-238
  4. Bioinformatics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 239-240
    2. Xiaofeng Yu, Daria B. Kokh, Prajwal Nandekar, Ghulam Mustafa, Stefan Richter, Rebecca C. Wade
      Pages 255-264
  5. Reactive Flows

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 265-266
    2. Feichi Zhang, Thorsten Zirwes, Peter Habisreuther, Henning Bockhorn
      Pages 267-280
    3. Roman Keller, Martin Seidl, Markus Lempke, Peter Gerlinger, Manfred Aigner
      Pages 281-292
  6. Computational Fluid Dynamics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 293-300
    2. Claudio Galbiati, Moritz Ertl, Simona Tonini, G. Elvio Cossali, Bernhard Weigand
      Pages 333-347
    3. Robert Wilke, Jörn Sesterhenn
      Pages 349-369
    4. Mehmet Onur Cetin, Alexej Pogorelov, Andreas Lintermann, Hsun-Jen Cheng, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder
      Pages 389-405
    5. Sebastian Eberhardt, Stefan Hickel
      Pages 407-420
    6. Timo Krappel, Albert Ruprecht, Stefan Riedelbauch
      Pages 421-433
    7. Christoph Biegger, Bernhard Weigand
      Pages 449-461
    8. Christoph Schulz, Annette Fischer, Pascal Weihing, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer
      Pages 463-478
    9. Patrick P. Kranzinger, Ulrich Kowarsch, Matthias Schuff, Manuel Keßler, Ewald Krämer
      Pages 479-494
    10. R. Mayer, D. Zimmermann, K. Wawrzinek, T. Lutz, E. Krämer
      Pages 495-509
    11. Muhammed Atak, Andrea Beck, Thomas Bolemann, David Flad, Hannes Frank, Claus-Dieter Munz
      Pages 511-530
    12. Sebastian Boblest, Fabian Hempert, Malte Hoffmann, Philipp Offenhäuser, Matthias Sonntag, Filip Sadlo et al.
      Pages 531-545
    13. Michael Wurst, Manuel Keßler, Ewald Krämer
      Pages 547-563
    14. Qingguang Xie, Florian Günther, Jens Harting
      Pages 565-577
  7. Transport and Climate

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 591-592
    2. H.-J. Panitz, G. Schädler, M. Breil, S. Mieruch, H. Feldmann, K. Sedlmeier et al.
      Pages 593-606
    3. Josipa Milovac, Oliver-Lloyd Branch, Hans-Stefan Bauer, Thomas Schwitalla, Kirsten Warrach-Sagi, Volker Wulfmeyer
      Pages 607-622
    4. Ngoc Bich Phuong Nguyen, Patrick Laux, Johannes Cullmann, Harald Kunstmann
      Pages 623-635
  8. Miscellaneous Topics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 637-639
    2. M. M. Knodel, A. Nägel, S. Reiter, M. Rupp, A. Vogel, M. Lampe et al.
      Pages 641-657
    3. Johannes Hötzer, Marcus Jainta, Marouen Ben Said, Philipp Steinmetz, Marco Berghoff, Britta Nestler
      Pages 659-674

About these proceedings


This book presents the state-of-the-art in supercomputer simulation. It includes the latest findings from leading researchers using systems from the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) in 2015. The reports cover all fields of computational science and engineering ranging from CFD to computational physics and from chemistry to computer science with a special emphasis on industrially relevant applications. Presenting findings of one of Europe’s leading systems, this volume covers a wide variety of applications that deliver a high level of sustained performance.

The book covers the main methods in high-performance computing. Its outstanding results in achieving the best performance for production codes are of particular interest for both scientists and engineers. The book comes with a wealth of color illustrations and tables of results.


computational science and engineering high performance computing modelling simulation vector supercomputers

Editors and affiliations

  • Wolfgang E. Nagel
    • 1
  • Dietmar H. Kröner
    • 2
  • Michael M. Resch
    • 3
  1. 1.Technische Universität DresdenDresdenGermany
  2. 2.Abteilung für Angewandte MathematikUniversität FreiburgFreiburgGermany
  3. 3.HöchstleistungsrechenzentrumUniversität StuttgartStuttgartGermany

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