microRNA: Medical Evidence

From Molecular Biology to Clinical Practice

  • Gaetano Santulli

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 888)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Atsushi Sakai, Hidenori Suzuki
    Pages 17-39
  3. Cristina R. Reschke, David C. Henshall
    Pages 41-70
  4. Ayyappan Anitha, Ismail Thanseem
    Pages 71-83
  5. Lifeng Qiu, Eng King Tan, Li Zeng
    Pages 85-105
  6. Shi-Lung Lin
    Pages 107-121
  7. Filipe V. Duarte, Carlos M. Palmeira, Anabela P. Rolo
    Pages 123-154
  8. Ondřej Volný, Linda Kašičková, Dominika Coufalová, Petra Cimflová, Jan Novák
    Pages 155-195
  9. Francine Z. Marques, Fadi J. Charchar
    Pages 215-235
  10. Olivier Boucherat, François Potus, Sébastien Bonnet
    Pages 237-252
  11. Arthur C. K. Chung
    Pages 253-269
  12. Kíra Jelencsics, Rainer Oberbauer
    Pages 271-290
  13. Jaideep Banerjee, Chandan K. Sen
    Pages 291-305
  14. Damjan Glavač, Metka Ravnik-Glavač
    Pages 307-330
  15. Ana Rebane
    Pages 331-352
  16. Iris Eisenberg, Noora Kotaja, Debra Goldman-Wohl, Tal Imbar
    Pages 353-387
  17. Yutaka Naito, Yasuhito Tanaka, Takahiro Ochiya
    Pages 389-399
  18. Nicolas Leuenberger, Martial Saugy
    Pages 401-408
  19. Christine Roden, Stephen Mastriano, Nayi Wang, Jun Lu
    Pages 409-421
  20. Gaetano Santulli
    Pages E1-E2
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 423-429

About this book


This volume explores microRNA function in a wide array of human disorders, providing a clinical basis for precision medicine and personalized therapies using these molecules. The twenty-one chapters, all authored by internationally-renowned experts, open with an introduction contextualizing microRNA manipulation within today’s initiatives towards precision medicine. The following chapters explore the clinical role of microRNAs in the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders, focusing on mitochondrial fitness, arterial hypertension, cardiovascular remodeling, cerebrovascular disease, pulmonary hypertension, diabetic kidney disease, and kidney transplantation. The subsequent chapters discuss the importance of microRNAs in the wound healing process and in skin disease, in the pathogenesis of allergy, in human ovulation, and in infection. The book concludes with chapters  which outline the emerging role of microRNAS in doping and detail microRNA profiling.

microRNA: Medical Evidence is an ideal companion to both microRNA: Basic Science and microRNA: Cancer. Taken together, these three books provide a state-of-the-art overview of this rapidly-expanding and fascinating field, from the
molecular level to clinical practice. It will be invaluable to medical students, physicians, and researchers, as a complete and unique guide in the exploration of microRNA in basic science, cancer and clinical practice.


Biomarker Multiple sclerosis Pancreatic cancer Parkinson's disease Personalized medicine

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