Cosmological Applications of Algebraic Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetimes

  • Thomas-Paul┬áHack

Part of the SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Physics book series (BRIEFSMAPHY, volume 6)

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About this book


This book provides a largely self-contained and broadly accessible exposition on two cosmological applications of algebraic quantum field theory (QFT) in curved spacetime: a fundamental analysis of the cosmological evolution according to the Standard Model of Cosmology; and a fundamental study of the perturbations in inflation. The two central sections of the book dealing with these applications are preceded by sections providing a pedagogical introduction to the subject. Introductory material on the construction of linear QFTs on general curved spacetimes with and without gauge symmetry in the algebraic approach, physically meaningful quantum states on general curved spacetimes, and the backreaction of quantum fields in curved spacetimes via the semiclassical Einstein equation is also given. The reader should have a basic understanding of General Relativity and QFT on Minkowski spacetime, but no background in QFT on curved spacetimes or the algebraic approach to QFT is required.>


AQFT Algebraic Quantum Field Theory Black Hole Physics Cosmological Standard Model Curved Spacetime Einstein-Klein-Gordon System FLRW Spacetime Hadamard States Inflaton Field QFT on Curved Gravitational Background Semiclassical Einstein Equation

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